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How to connect to La Quadrature's channel ?[edit]

  • The simplest way to join us on IRC[1] is to connect via the applet: (you can change the nickname if you wish, then just click the "connect" button).
  • You can also connect to IRC via a client, that needs to be installed on your computer, like for example:
      HexChat - multiplateform
      irssi - multiplateform
      mIRC - Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2k/XP/Vista


First you have to log into the server:


Then you have to chose a nickname:

/nick [your_nick]

After that, you can join a chat room:

/join #laquadrature

La Quadrature du Net's chat rooms[edit]

  • #laquadrature: La Quadrature main chat room
  • #laquadrature-en: La Quadrature English speaking chat room
  • #lqdn-memopol: During the Political Memory hackathon, this is the channel that will be is used for Political Memory 2 work related purposes.
  • #lqdn-travail: Working channel
  • #lqdn-rp: Press review team's channel


You can register your nickname so that you would be the only one to be able to use it. To do that, type in the box :

/msg nickserv REGISTER [Password] [Email] 

You have to be connected under the nickname you want to register!

Logging in[edit]

If you are registered and you want to log in, simply type :

/msg nickserv IDENTIFY [Password]

If you have rights (voice, IRCop, VHANNop), you can force the bot to give them to you via

/hs on

Main IRC commands[edit]


When you are present but unavailable, you can change your status to absent. In order to do so, type the command

/away [message]


To change your nickname, type the command

/nick <new_nickname>


To get help from the bot about available commands, use the command

/msg NickServ HELP

Charset problems[edit]

If the accents do not display properly, type the following commands:

  • With HexChat type:
/charset UTF-8
  • With Irssi type:
 /set term_charset UTF-8

Main commands of our bots[edit]

In addition to usual IRC commands, some commands are available to interact with bots.


!rp + URL includes the url in our press review. Use c (!rpc) if it quotes La Quadrature («According to la Quadrature, [...]»), use p (!rpp) if the subject is about La Quadrature («La Quadrature is a group that [...]»). We can also use both at the same time : !rpcp


!stats allows to see the statistics of articles published recently / not published yet


This command is used to take notes of what is going on during debates, most often in the national Parliament. Just type !tc<space><name of the speaker> followed by what he/she said or by the text describing the event going on.

Example: « !tc Albanel talks about IP address manufacturing », or else : « !tc Billard / Brard defend authors instead of majors »


To check out the next events added to our list.


  1. The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol that allows live chatting with other users by logging in with a special software (named client) to an IRC server.