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Join us! Help us!
Geek or not, all skills are necessary to fight for and defend our freedom!

Many roads lead to joining La Quadrature du Net's struggle. Go to for more detailed information and of course, talk to us on IRC. But here our suggestions in short:

  • Stay informed!. To be able to stay informed of our publications and future actions, you can subscribe to the following RSS feeds news and press review. Or subscribe to our newsletter. Your email address will be used for nothing but sending messages related to our activity. It won't be shared with third-parties.
  • Talk about La Quadrature du Net and the issues. Share any of the info on this wiki and on La Quadrature du Net's website, with friends, family, colleagues. Follow legislative projects on national, European and international levels. You can use freely use La Quadrature's visuals in your messages.
  • Contact your representatives be they in your capital city or Brussels! Share your concerns and ask them to act for legislative projects that protects our freedom and to act against those that threatens it. You will find all the information on La Quadrature's political memory. To call them, use our PiPhone which is activated during our campaigns.

  • Contribute to this wiki
  • Help us with the press review
  • Translate. If you have language skills, your help is welcome. You can subscribe to the "Trad" mailing list to offer your help. To do so, we have amorously devoted ourselves to collaboratively set up this *very helpful* legal English glossary, as legal English is NOT the English one studies, hears in the street, or even talks at home :)
  • Graphics. If you have graphics skills, your help is welcome. We mainly ask for banners or buttons. You can subscribe to the "Graphisme" mailing list to offer your help.
  • Record interventions. La Quadrature du Net would like to keep trace of its spokespersons' interventions and of the broadcasts that deal with its issues. To do so, we need people to record these shows and broadcast them via the mediakit. For more information, please read our tutoriel enregistrement (in French).
- the IRC chan #lqdn-memopol ou #nnmon (freenode)
- the mailing lists memopol or RespectMyNet.

  • Give us your money. You can support us with a donation.