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Quadrature Communication Camp

Do you like freedom of speech? and the Internet? Are you good with visual, graphical, sound creation? Do you know how to code? As a citizen, you want to have your say in the public debate? La Quadrature du Net is organising its communication camp, a get-together to take part in our communication and awareness campaigns on our important issues and ongoing dossiers.

La Quadrature du Net is a citizen group defending a free and open Internet.

What is a stake is universal: a free and open Internet implies the conditions which guarantee each and everyone the right to freedom of expression in the current and coming digital environments.


We are organising a 3-days event (from October 19th, 14:00 to October 21st) to create and improve "communication and information elements as well as tools related to La Quadrature du Net's message (freedom of expression online, sharing, Net neutrality...) and actions.

By getting an important number of people together in a fun setting, we hope to get everyone to bring their creativity and help in different domains.

If you want to came in our office, please register at qcc-at-laquadrature.net, indicating your name or nick, time you'll be there (10/19 PM, 10/19 Night, 10/20 AM, etc.), projects you want to participate to : Memoire Politique (code or design), Respect My Net, Piphone, video and visual communication, documentation, other...

Participation will be possible in our office as well as online.


From 14:00 on Friday 19th of October 2012 until Sunday 21st of October 2012 in the evening.


the garage

The QCC will take place in our office in Paris : 19 *rue* Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris.

See the place on a map

Lines 9 (Voltaire or Charonne) and 5 (Ledru-Rollin) of the metro are the closest stations.

IRC - Twitter - Identi.ca

For those who can't join physically, there's an IRC chan where you can participate: #qcc2012 on irc.freenode.net.

We will also try to keep informing about the event on Twitter and Identi.ca with @ungarage account.


  • graphic designers
  • web-designers
  • coders
  • script writers
  • directors
  • illustrators, musicians and all artists

are welcome, to take part in this time of creation and doing.

Everyone is invited, at any time during the two days. So don't hesitate to come, go, change your mind, the event welcomes everybody and especially those willing to help. :)

And please tell and invite people around you!



Each workshop will concentrate on a certain type of communication :

  • webdesign
  • graphic design (pictures, infographics)
  • video (animations, etc.)

The objectives of each workshop will be decided one week before the Camp and will be reminded during the 3 days.

You'll find a list of projects here: https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/qcc2012-projets If you want to lead one of those, please write your name or nick on the pad and inform us at qcc-at-laquadrature.net. We need two persons to lead for each project, in order to keep it running for the whole 3 days, nights included :)

You can also work on your on idea, please let us know at the same email address (deadline is on October 12th).


While the QCC will take place in a physical space, it will also take place online so that everyone may participate even if they can't be physically present.

Creations will be put online as the QCC take place.

  • The different workgroups can use the wiki to list what they are up to.
  • The quadpad (EtherPad) is an excellent tool for creating collaborative text.
  • New and in progress creations can stored on a locally shared folder (SAMBA ?), and then published online or sychronised to an ftp folder (depending on available bandwidth) so that outside participants may also have access and work on them.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What shall I bring?

You will need:

  • Laptop – don't forget the charger! :)
  • External devices you need to work
  • More generally, any working tool you need (camera, tripod, microphone, teddy bear...)
  • Headphones if you wish to work with music or isolate yourself from general noise
  • Nice things to share for eating and drinking
  • A sleeping bag if you plan to rest on-site
  • Anything you think will contribute to improve the event!

How to come?

If you have a car and the possibility to drive someone, please make yourself known here or on the mailing list. Precise how many person you can drive and where you can take or drop them.

Thank you :)

Can I sleep at the Camp?

Yes. We advice you to bring your sleeping bag and camping mattress. As we don't have so much room, we're looking for volunteers to host people during the event. Make yourself known here or on the mailing list.

Shall I bring food?

What you'll bring for eating or drinking will be well appreciated :) La Quadrature will provide food for Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as breakfasts. There are supermarkets and other places where to eat around the Garage for the rest of the day.