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**Mailing lists,
**Mailing lists,

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Send a blank email to NOtoACTA-subscribe@laquadrature.net to be informed when the campaign to urge Members of the European Parliament to reject ACTA starts. We won't use your email for anything else.

First of all, thanks, it's great that you *do* want to act!

Right now, the most important thing to do is to inform people, making sure the message gets across to as many people as possible.

This may sound obvious, but people can only take action if they know about ACTA and how bad it is.

What to do?

There are many things you can do.

If you think of more, please add them below.

Learn more

You can learn more about ACTA and it's dangers to our freedom at http://lqdn.fr/acta

You can also read la Quadrature's analysis of ACTA's final version and see an overview of criticisms against ACTA.

The following resources are helpful in better understanding ACTA:


Help out by informing people:

  • By showing the NO to ACTA videos to family, colleagues, friends (not just geeks, everyone)
  • By spreading the videos far and wide via
    • Twitter,
    • Facebook,
    • Google+,
    • Mailing lists,
    • Email,
    • On forums,
    • On your blog, etc.
  • By embedding it everywhere:
    • Use the following html code to insert the main version of the video
<iframe src="http://mediakit.laquadrature.net/embed/716?size=medium" 
style="width: 640px; height: 500px; border: 0; overflow: hidden"></iframe>
    • Or go to this page to find the code to embed other versions of the video in English, and to this page to embed versions in French.
    • To embed the Spanish subtitled version of the video, use this code:
<iframe src="http://mediakit.laquadrature.net/embed/716?size=medium&sub=es_ES" 
style="width: 640px; height: 500px; border: 0; overflow: hidden"></iframe>

The videos are released under a permissive and freedom-granting Creative Commons licence, so you don't have to ask to use them. :)


Express yourself

Creating more art and expressing oneself is also a very important part.

You can:

  • Write an article on your blog,
  • Write an article for your school, college/university or company newspaper
  • Write to your newspapers asking why they aren't talking more about ACTA and telling them about ACTA
  • Create more videos, films, pictures, paintings against either the whole of ACTA or specific parts of the treaty
    • For instance, you can create banners, buttons, illustrations against ACTA (using images from the videos if you want) that others can use in their signatures, as avatars, to illustrate their blog articles, newspaper articles, etc.
    • If you do so, please a link to your banner here.
  • people can also remix and reshape the videos to make them their own and give them more and new life.

Translate the videos into your language

You can be part of subtitling effort, go to the following EtherPad to see if the NO to ACTA videos are already translated to your language, and if the translation have been turned into a .srt subtitle file: http://pad.lqdn.fr/p/trad-video-acta

Send your synchronized subtitle files to contact@laquadrature.net.

Translate this page into your language

For collaborative translation and easy proofreading and correction, you can use an EtherPad such as http://pad.lqdn.fr/p/How-to-act-against-ACTA-LANGUAGE

ie: https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/How_to_act_against_ACTA_es

Once translated, create the page on the wiki and add the language to the top bar.

Help code a widget to inform Internet users about ACTA

We are looking for help to code a small webwidget against ACTA that people can easily add to their website (similar to this widget making fun of the French HADOPI).

Go to this EtherPad for more info and to help out on this project: https://quadpad.lqdn.fr/widget-acta

Organise events

  • Organise public showings of the videos at your school, university, etc.

Publicly take a stand

  • If you are part of an NGO, consider publicly denouncing ACTA, and telling your members about ACTA's dangers.
  • If you are a well-known person or celebrity, you can also use your following to inform people about ACTA and denounce it.

Be part of the campaign to crush ACTA

Soon, when the campaign launches, the most important thing everyone can do is simple, and takes 10 minutes :

Call the Members of the European Parliament.

The EU is the last large entity that has not signed ACTA: if the European Parliament votes NO to ACTA and rejects it, this will deal a fatal blow to the treaty.

In the weeks before ACTA is voted (it could be as early as mid-December), as many people as possible must call the Members of the European Parliament to tell why ACTA is dangerous, why it is a denial of democracy, and that they must reject it.

You can start calling MEPs right now and urge them to get involved in the parliamentarian debates and to take a stand against ACTA.

Send a blank email to NOtoACTA-subscribe@laquadrature.net to be informed when the campaign to urge Members of the European Parliament to reject ACTA starts. We won't use your email for anything else.

Until then, telling everyone about ACTA so that they know what is going on is the most important thing to do!

Support la Quadrature du Net

If you can afford it, financial support is of course greatly appreciated.

You can make a donation to help La Quadrature keep on fighting ACTA and act on the other dossiers it works on.


Thanks for your help :)