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Graduated response : the ridiculous going on

The graduated response against internauts that will probably be discussed in the Senate on 29 October is already dead-born. Both technically and economically inefficient, disparaged by everyone because it violates the fundamental freedoms and it is contrary to European law, the text will end up in the dustbin of the Republic, like its predecessor law DADVSI. La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net) is asking the European Commission to confirm the decision of 88% of MEPs arguing that this text is incompatible with Community law and calls the French senators to reject it overwhelmingly.

A ridiculous and outrageous law,

The bill establishing the "graduated response" against the internauts, a kind of discriminatory administrative justice, was placed on the agenda of the Senate for 29 October. While many bills were delayed because of Economic crisis, the cavalierly review seems totally inconsistent ..