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= Operating forces =
= Operating forces =
== Private sector ===
{{Introduction|Read the [[Paquet_Telecom_2017/forces/en|subpage]] on actors}}
=== Telcos Lobbies ===
==== GSMA ====
* Answer to the public consultation  ([http://www.gsma.com/gsmaeurope/gsma-europe-blog/the-gsma-response-to-public-consultations-on-telecom-framework-review/ web site ] et [[media:2015-12-07-GSMA-TFR-consultation-summary.pdf|pdf]]) from December 2015
* Press release ([http://www.gsma.com/gsmaeurope/gsma-europe-blog/telecoms-package-must-drive-step-change-infrastructure-investment-support-5g-leadership/ web site]) from September 2016

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= Forces en présence =
{{Introduction|Consulter la [[Paquet_Telecom_2017/forces|sous-page]] sur les acteurs}}
Translation= Operating forces =
{{Introduction|Read the [[Paquet_Telecom_2017/forces/en|subpage]] on actors}}

Operating forces

Read the subpage on actors