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Si vous cherchez le glossaire des termes souvent utilisés par La Quadrature, c'est par par là !

NB: We write in UK English, not US. this will entail: "defence" (not "defense"), "authorise" (not "authorize"), "favour" (not "favor")
Français English Commentaires/Comments
Accuser (juridique) to charge (someone with murder)
Amicus curiae Amicus brief Or the filer of an amicus brief (who is literally the friend of the court)
Assemblée Nationale French National Assembly From time to time, put in footnote (<fn>) French lower legislative house
Autorités nationales de protection des données national supervisory authorities
Ayant-droits Rights-holder, assignee
Bande-passante bandwidth
Censurer To reject (legal), or censure (more rarely, censor) Attention, lorsque les juristes disent par exemple que le conseil constitutionnel a censuré une mesure législative, cela ne se traduira pas par censure ou censor, mais "reject" !
Champ d'application scope
Chiffrement de bout en bout end-to-end encryption
Commission Mixte Paritaire Commission Mixte Paritaire — a joint parliamentary committee responsible for reaching a compromise between the lower and upper house — In the USA this would be called a resolution committee
Concurrence Competition
Conseil d'Etat French Council of State (or Conseil d'Etat)
Conseil européen European Council The European Council is the Institution of the European Union (EU) that comprises the heads of state or government of the member states, along with the council's own president and the president of the Commission. (wikipedia)
Conseil européen - Conseil de l'Union européenne European Council - Council of the European Union - Consilium
Conseil de l'Europe Council of Europe The Council of Europe is a regional intergovernmental organisation which promotes human rights, democracy and the rule of law in its 47 member states (Wikipedia)
Considérant (en début d'un texte juridique recital; In view of...
Contrôleur européen de la protection des données European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)
Cour européenne des droits de l'Homme European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
Cour de justice de l'Union européenne European Court of Justice (ECJ)
Dates : Day/Month/Year On écrit en anglais UK. En anglais US ce serait Month/Day/Year
Déposer une plainte To lodge/file a complaint (before the ECHR for instance)
Député Deputy
Déréférencement De-indexing
DGSE French foreign intelligence services (acronyme for the General Directorate for External Security)
Disposition Provision
Données de connexion Connection data OR traffic data
Droit commun Ordinary Law
Droits voisins Ancillary rights OR related rights
ès qualités in [their] official capacity
Ingérence Encroachment (on freedom of ...)
Libertés In the context of LQdN, usually "civil liberties", not "freedoms" or "civil rights"
Loi Numérique French Digital Law *or Bill until it has been adopted !*
Loi de Programmation Militaire Military Programming Act
Loi Renseignement Surveillance Law
Mémoire (juridique) Statement of case, essay
Ministre de l'intérieur Interior Minister
Personnes concernées (donnees personelles) Data subject, persons concerned
Piratage DO NOT USE Piracy. Prefer illegal sharing of copyrighted material or modify the sentence Piratage n'est pas non plus à utiliser car il laisse entendre une pratique illégale alors qu'il s'agit juste de partage d'œuvres dont on a interdit le partage
Premier ministre Prime minister (ou PM)
Procédure judiciaire Legal proceedings Judiciaire = civil ou pénal, pas administratif
« procédure législative ordinaire » the ordinary legislative procedure
Projet de loi Bill
Proposer (un amendement) To propose (an amendment) To "table" a bill or amendment can mean to postpone consideration
Question prioritaire de consitutionalité Priority Preliminary rulings on the issue of constitutionality (QPC) We need to translate the wikipedia article. This translation is according to the English version of the website of the French Constitutional Council. Alternatively put in footnote: The QPC is a procedure in French Law system to control the constitutionality of the laws after they are promulgated.
Raison d'État national interest following wikipedia article
Recours Recourse, Legal action *before a Court* Before, not in front
Recours au fond Judgement as a matter of law
Recours en annulation Appeal for annulment
Référé en suspension Suspensive judgment
Renvoi préjudiciel Preliminary rulings
Saisir une cour/tribunal/juridiction to lodge a complaint with ..., ou to bring a case before ..., ou refer to the court
Sénat French Senate Same remark as for French National Assembly
Traitement Processing
Trilogue Trialogue Procédure de négociation européenne
Vie privée Privacy Or private sphere?
Voie de recours judiciaire a judicial remedy
Voter (accepté) To adopt, to approve
Voter (rejeté) To reject
Zero-rating Zero-rating Need to translate the wikipedia article