Telecoms package directives 2nd reading EFD

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Political Memory: Directives reforming the EU's regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services (telecoms package), 2nd reading, Results for group Europe of freedom and democracy Group {{#icon:EFD.png|Europe of freedom and democracy Group}}

Rank MEP Country Final score
110 Derek Roland CLARK United Kingdom Telecoms_package_directives_2nd_reading_GB}} United Kingdom 86.1 Show details
137 Philippe de VILLIERS France Telecoms_package_directives_2nd_reading_FR}} France 76.4 Show details
155 Bastiaan BELDER Netherlands Telecoms_package_directives_2nd_reading_NL}} Netherlands 55.6 Show details
158 Nigel FARAGE United Kingdom Telecoms_package_directives_2nd_reading_GB}} United Kingdom 54.9 Show details
162 Francesco Enrico SPERONI Italy Telecoms_package_directives_2nd_reading_IT}} Italy 52.1 Show details
166 Mario BORGHEZIO Italy Telecoms_package_directives_2nd_reading_IT}} Italy 50.0 Show details

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