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* [[LenaEk|Lena Ek]]  
* [[LenaEk|Lena Ek]]  
* [AdinaValean|AdinaValean]]
* [[AdinaIoanaValean|AdinaValean]]
* [[SilvanaKochMehrin|Silvana Koch-Mehrin]]
* [[SilvanaKochMehrin|Silvana Koch-Mehrin]]

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Here is a list of the Members of the European Parliament that will be part of the EP delegation in the conciliation committee. Updated as soon as we get them.


  • Mvh Johan Danielsson
  • Mme Trautman
  • Mme Riera Madurell
  • Mme Toia
  • Mme Ulvskog
  • M. Groote
  • M. Lambrinidis
  • M. Pitella (vice-president)


  • AlejoVidalQuadras (chair)
  • Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou (vice-president)


  • Eva-Britt Svensson

Greens/ EFA

  • Christian Engström
  • Philippe Lamberts