Support LQDN against ACTA and beyond

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For the past four years, La Quadrature du Net has raised awareness and campaigned against ACTA.
We need your help to defeat ACTA and move forward, advocating for a positive agenda to protect our freedoms.

Support La Quadrature Du Net[edit]

Our page of support allows you to make a donation of the amount of your choice, and summarize our actions and proposals.

Contribute to the creation of banners[edit]

The source file is available here to create your own banners and add them to this page (the text).

Show your support[edit]

Banners are available to show your support and spread the message via social networks and web sites:

LQDN support against ACTA and beyond pses.png

LQDN_support_against_ACTA_and_beyond_125*125.png LQDN_support_against_ACTA_and_beyond_125*125.gif



LQDN_support_against_ACTA_and_beyond_250*250.png LQDN_support_against_ACTA_and_beyond_250*250.gif