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Political Memory: Directive on patentability of "computer-implemented inventions" (software patents), Results for Luxembourg

MEP Amendments 52, 54/rév, 68 Amendments 29, 41, 59 Amendment 69 Amendments 55/rév., 97, 108, 1st part Amendment 16, 1st part Amendment 16, 2nd part Amendment 16 (paragraph 2) Amendment 70 Amendment 60 Amendment 72 Amendment 76, 1st part Amendment 76, 2nd part Amendment 71, 1st part Amendment 71, 2nd part Amendment 81 Amendments 34, 115 Amendment 74 Amendment 75 Proposition modifiée Résolution Final score
Robert GOEBBELS/en against against for for for against for for for for for for for for against for for for for for 11
Astrid LULLING/en against against against against for for for against against abst. abst. abst. against against against for abst. for for for 4

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