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Political Memory: Directive on patentability of "computer-implemented inventions" (software patents), 1st reading, Results for Netherlands {{#icon:NL.png|Netherlands}}

Rank MEP Group Final score
39 Erik MEIJER GUE/NGL Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_GUE}} GUE/NGL 100.0 Show details
81 Kathalijne Maria BUITENWEG Verts/ALE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_Verts}} Verts/ALE 93.9 Show details
147 Joost LAGENDIJK Verts/ALE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_Verts}} Verts/ALE 87.9 Show details
158 Bert DOORN PPE-DE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 86.4 Show details
184 Maria MARTENS PPE-DE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 77.3 Show details
192 Ria OOMEN-RUIJTEN PPE-DE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 73.1 Show details
193 Bastiaan BELDER IND/DEM Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_IND}} IND/DEM 72.7 Show details
194 Johannes BLOKLAND IND/DEM Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_IND}} IND/DEM 72.7 Show details
286 Ieke van den BURG PSE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 54.5 Show details
297 Dorette CORBEY PSE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 50.0 Show details
314 Jan Marinus WIERSMA PSE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 48.5 Show details
445 Jan MULDER ALDE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 24.6 Show details
450 Toine MANDERS ALDE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 24.2 Show details

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