Software patents directive 1st reading INTA

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Political Memory: Directive on patentability of "computer-implemented inventions" (software patents), 1st reading, Results for Committee on International Trade

Rank MEP Country Group Final score
100 Cristiana MUSCARDINI Italy Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_IT}} Italy PPE-DE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 93.9 Show details
162 Marielle DE SARNEZ France Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_FR}} France ALDE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_ALDE}} ALDE 84.8 Show details
193 Bastiaan BELDER Netherlands Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_NL}} Netherlands IND/DEM Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_IND}} IND/DEM 72.7 Show details
255 Harlem DÉSIR France Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_FR}} France PSE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 56.1 Show details
311 Emilio MENÉNDEZ del VALLE Spain Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_ES}} Spain PSE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 48.5 Show details
355 Norbert GLANTE Germany Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_DE}} Germany PSE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PSE}} PSE 34.8 Show details
473 Robert STURDY United Kingdom Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_GB}} United Kingdom PPE-DE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 23.5 Show details
491 Godelieve QUISTHOUDT-ROWOHL Germany Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_DE}} Germany PPE-DE Software_patents_directive_1st_reading_PPE}} PPE-DE 20.8 Show details

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