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As you know, Germany is laboriously trying to implement a Web-censorship infrastructure.

I wonder why you try to conceal such illegal pages since you have access to the servers and, under these circumstances, you even have a chance to capture the heads.

Naive citizens probably think it will not work that way because the servers are likely located in countries which do not cooperate.

I took a look at the known lists of filtered domains to draw a map of the server locations, et voila:

world chart

Legend: white = no server, green = few servers, red = lots of servers

Figures: Countries Total: 37

Red countries by numbers: US: 3947, AU: 423, NL: 333, DE: 321, LR: 95, CA: 88,

Brown countries by numbers: CZ: 62, RU: 61, GB: 59,

Dark-green countries by numbers: SE: 31, BZ 17, CN: 15, BS: 10,

Light-green countries by numbers: PT: 8, ES: 7, FR: 6, HK: 5, DK: 4, MX: 4, JP: 4, TH: 3, IL: 3, RO: 3, PA: 3 , CY: 2 IT: 1, NO: 1, SC: 1, A2: 1, AT: 1, TW: 1, TO: 1, FI: 1, GI: 1, UA: 1, SK: 1, AF : 1

According to these figures, most websites are hosted on servers located in countries where criminal pursuit is perfectly possible.

The German government also has to answer some question concerning why they don't take action against the 321 offers located in Germany.

Oh yes, I forgot, we will hide them soon.

For those who might be interested, here are some pictures for various regions in the world.


USA chart

South America:

South America chart


Africa chart

Middle East:

Middle East chart


Asia chart


Europe chart

Update: Sources and technical aspects can be read here.

Update 2: Some people say that not all of the data is meaningful since many of the domains do no longer exist or are "parked" domains.

OK folks, I updated the list and cleaned it of any entries that don't exist anymore or designate parked domains.

Then there are 1413 entries left.

I you do the analyzation again with the new results you obtain the following picture:

cleaned world chart

The figures about this:

US: 1038, AU: 135, CA: 85, NL: 41, DE: 26, CZ: 19, GB: 11, BS: 9, CN: 8, BZ: 8, RU: 5, KR: 4, DK: 2, MX: 4, FR: 4, ES: 1, IL: 1, AF: 1, SE: 1, NO: 1, PA: 1, A2: 1 U.S.: 1038, AU: 135, CA: 85, NL: 41 DE: 26, CZ: 19, GB: 11, BS: 9, CN: 8, BZ: 8, RU: 5, LR: 4, DK: 2, MX: 4, FR: 4, ES: 1, IL: 1, AF: 1, SE: 1, NO: 1, PA: 1, A2: 1

This shows us that the lists are often very old, about one year average.

This is something I cannot currently change.

However I'm looking forward to anonymous e-mails, if somebody wants to leak something.

Update 3: I took a closer look at the 26 servers stationed in .de that were left from Update 2. A lot simply redirect to advertising pages, some show an error message or nothing at all. However some are still active and exhibit very questionable content, for example: **********.info [**.***.**.**] **-***-**-**

  • Caution: It might be illegal to navigate to these pages, I don't not know, I am not a lawyer.*

The page shows a lot of photographs of children and young girls in more or less provocative poses.

Maybe this is kind of content is not yet totally covered by law, I do not have any experience in such legal assessments.

However, if this content is illegal then I wonder why this entry from a ± 1 year old censorship listing is still active at this day.

If the page is not illegal then I wonder why it is being blocked and whether there is a legal basis for this.

I some knowledgeable readers want to enlighten me on these legal issues I would be more than happy!

Update 4: I found a new, updated, list for Finland.

Seems to stem from December 2008, about eight weeks old.

Everything under: New List - New pictures.

Update 5

One of my readers sent an e-mail to the hoster of **********.info and ten minutes later the site went offline.

You can see that it works, why can't the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office) do this, even though they had about one year dig through the Finnish censorship listing. erver in DE 'ermitteln'. Siehe Kommentar