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This page is about the Quadrature Communication Camp, from the 24th to the 26th of June 2011

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Quadrature Communication Camp

Do you like freedom of speech? and the Internet? Are you good with visual, graphical, sound creation? As a citizen, you want to have your say in the public debate?

La Quadrature du Net is organising its communication camp, a get-together to take part in our communication and awareness campaigns on our important issues and ongoing dossier.

La Quadrature du Net is a citizen group defending a free and open Internet.

What is a stake is universal: a free and open Internet implies the conditions which guarantee each and everyone the right to freedom of expression in the current and coming digital environments.


Following the Memopol 2 hackathon organised in February, we are organising a 48-hour event to create communication tools and .. which can be used directly at the end of the week-end.

By getting an important number of people together in a fun setting, we hope to get everyone to bring their creativity and help in different domains.

The 24th of June EFF + LQDN quadr'apéro (drinks/speakeasy) will be the launching point for this week-end of creation and communication: the Quadrature Communication Camp.


From 18:00 on Friday 24th of June until Sunday 26th of June in the evening.


The QCC will take place at the C14, a new space in Paris well suited to group work, with lots of room and natural light.

The C14 is located 14 rue Chapon, 75003 Paris.

See location en a map

Closest métros are Arts et Métiers (lign 3 et 11), Rambuteau (lign 11) et Étienne Marcel (lign 4), there are also nearby vélib (bike rental) spots.


  • graphic designers
  • script writers
  • illustrators
  • directors
  • animators
  • musicians
  • and all artists

are welcome, to take part in this time of creation and doing.

Developers and webdesigners are also welcome, to help invent the tools that enable offline and online particpation and publication during the week-end (publishing platforms, generators, ratings, etc.)

Everyone is invited, be it to just drop by at any time during the two days or to be an active participant. So don't hesitate to come, go, have a look, help out, the event welcomes everybody and especially those willing to help. :)

And please tell and invite people around you!



The quadr'apéro will be a starting point and the moment where we will discuss ongoing issues and determin where our priorities and themes are and what our message(s) should be. ACTA will clearly be one of the main issues

This quadr'apéro will take place on Friday the 24th, starting at 6 pm.

The apéro will then become the QCC, and the workshops will start up.

Each workshop will concentrate on a certain type of communication : webdesign, graphic design (pictures, infographics), writing (flyers), video (animations, etc.).


While the QCC will take place in a physical space, it will also take place online so that everyone may participate even if they can't be physically present.

Creations will be put online as the QCC take place, and a chat will enable everyone to participate.

We need to find the best ways to bridge the online and offline components.

Please add your solutions below and help us set them up:

  • The different workgroups can use the wiki to list what they are up to.
  • The quadpad (EtherPad) is an excellent tool for creating collaborative text.
  • New and in progress creations can stored on a locally shared folder (SAMBA ?), and then published online or sychronised to an ftp folder (depending on available bandwidth) so that outside participants may also have access and work on them.
  • A versioning tool (such as svn, etc.) has been suggested, but it needs to be simple enough to be used by everyone (or it entails someone else dealing with that for the people crating).

Do come and discuss your technical ideas and solutions on the [[IRC|chat] or the mailing list.


Here a few examples of past realisations:


Flyers and posters

Flyer and poster calling Euro MPs to sign written declaration 12 on ACTA.

Planned or ongoing projects

There are also several ongoing projects which we'd like to see completed during the QCC:

  • The flyer introducing what la Quadrature is is one of them: Tract premier contact
  • A debating workshop to hone one's argumentative and rhetoric skills is also planned.
  • A PasPeurd'Hdopi.fr widget, displaying a daily 'pas peur' from a given selection, with a link to the site and to an Hadopi survival guide.
  • Write the above mentioned Hadopi survival guide.