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This is the roadmap for the third version of the Memopol. Each part can be worked on at the same time as each section is a small project in itself.



  • Take the current website offline - WIP
  • Create a link to access ML dev
  • Create a discussion on ML pour public discussions

Website Administration


  • Management of the votes
  • Management of the MEPs (update needed)
  • Management of the public positions of the MEPs
  • Management of the addtions done somewhere else ( Medals, etc.. )

Home Page


  • Complete redesign
  • Multiples entry points for each type of user
  • Display the informations on the home page
  • Make it clear and visible that each and everyone can help out by adding public positions

MEP's record


  • Possibles Contacts
    • Caroline Goulard (Data V-eyes) / Philippe Aigrain (couleurs)
    • Outside contacts ? ( Twitter, Facebook, mail, etc... )
  • Global view of the MEP
  • Global score
    • Update the scoring ( from a % to a absolute score )
    • Systeme of badges / medales
      • Sheep medal for the ones how have a lot of hair ( joke )
      • Turd trophy
      • [RETARCTED]
  • Public positions
    • Work on the public positions ( how to get them and their presentation )
      • Make a structure for the position ( under the form of a base/object )
        • Create a standard like the infobox on wikipedia which is easy to use and re-use
        • Create a management of the notation associated to a position
        • Moderation of a position ( with a discussion on the ML )
      • Note the public positions
  • Data visualisation
    • Global score
    • Score in relation with the groupe, the MEPs...
    • Create graphs that are beautiful ( data viz )
    • Evolution of the position of a MEP
  • Widget easily re-usable somewhere else

Search Engine


  • Make the search engine simpler yet powerfull
  • Filter the MEPs ( like in Excel LibreOffice Calc)
  • List of user-case


  • FAQ
    • Make the website so easy the FAQ becomes useless ( with a small explanation next to the votes, etc... )
  • Api
    • Re-usable data
  • Code testing
  • Document the code ( in the source and on the git )
  • make the install super easy !