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The revue de presse of La Quadrature Du Net is recruiting!

Initially the responsibility reposed on the shoulders of only one, though not always the same, person's shoulders. Now however it is transmuted into a fun, relatively effective but definitely enthusiastic team. However, what we manage to do still falls a bit short of what we wish we could do. Which is why we're always on the lookout for new "PR" enthusiasts. The topics we cover are at heart of this century's challenges and you can join in, not only reading the news, but by summarising and organising it for the wider public!

To clarify: On #lqdn-rp we do the following (links in French, you can translate them, it's planned):
- et

The aim of the revue de presse, in French and English, gathers articles that quote or mention La Quadrature but also articles on our topics in order to provide a list of relevant articles on the different dossiers for public use.

Short summeries and links to these articles are published on our website, via RSS and twitter and thus reach thousands of persons including a large number of journalists.

Process: Interesting articles are first sent, via the !rp link command in #laquadrature to a list at
They are then given points by everyone on the team according to how relevant they are. If and when they reach 3 points, this article is marked to be published. These articles will be "converted" into a drupal node on LQDN website which provides the means to summarise the article, add tags and get it into format ready to be published. An image of the article's website is automatically included.

When you chose to work on an article, refresh your /rp page to see whether it's not already been exported (you'll see the node on the right hand side of the row), check whether anyone else is thinking of working on it by checking whether the article's number (the first number in the row) was published on #lqdn-rp, and if neither is, then paste that number into the #lqdn-rp channel, thus announcing that you will work on it.

Once exported into a drupal node, the article can be summarised and some tags are added etc. For more information on how to create a drupal node: (In French)

To start, you have to ask vinci for a login to the rp/ tool and Siltaar for a Drupal account.

Joining the press review team is really a great way to contribute to not only to la quadrature, but also more generally, to the movement that defends and promotes free and open software, net neutrality, defense of privacy...

We'll be expecting you on :)