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La Quadrature du Net has developped a comprehensive proposal for the positive reform of copyright in the EU. You can find the details [https://www.laquadrature.net/en/elements-for-the-reform-of-copyright-and-related-cultural-policies here]. 
The main components of a positive reform of copyright should be:
*1. Giving legal recognition to the non-market sharing of digital works between individuals through the exhaustion of rights doctrine
*2. Legitimacy of referring and linking
*3. Solid exceptions for educational and research practices
*4. Library and archive rights to make available orphan works free-of-charge and with wide use rights
*5. Freedom of non-market collective use
*6. Resource pooling: new financing sources adapted to digital culture and its many contributors and projects
*7. Legal requirements for fair publishing and distribution contracts
*8. A preventive competition policy against distribution monopolies and their abuse
*9. Reform of collective management
*10. Keeping pollution by advertising under control
*11. Effective norms for the enforcement of network neutrality
*12. Compulsory registration or copyright 2.0
*13. Cultural public funding and tax reform
*14. A positive statute for the public domain and the voluntary commons
*15. No additional involvement of technical intermediaries in the application of copyright

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