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Portal about Copyright[modifier

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Creativity and innovation in the digital world is being seriously hampered by numerous legal challenges and resultant legal incertainty. Any reform of copyright legislation must have as its aim to put an end to this and be accompanied by social, economic and political measures.

Most existing and proposed schemes tries to recreate the scarcity of copies which is completely artificial as in the digital world perfect copies can be made with negligible cost. Not only is this technically a losing battle but it also fails to disregard the fact that the facility with which copies can be made and manipulated as enabled many more people to be involved in the production of culture, access to culture, and beyond this, created cultural communities online that are a cultural asset to society.

Our Proposal[modifier

In order to support such a reform, La Quadrature du Net developed a 14-point programme, organised into four sections, that considers the non-commercial practices of individuals, non-commercial collective uses, the cultural economy and the technical, legal and financial infrastructures. You can find the details here.

The main components of a positive reform of copyright should be:

  • 1. Giving legal recognition to the non-market sharing of digital works between individuals through the exhaustion of rights doctrine
  • 2. Legitimacy of referring and linking
  • 3. Solid exceptions for educational and research practices
  • 4. Library and archive rights to make available orphan works free-of-charge and with wide use rights
  • 5. Freedom of non-market collective use
  • 6. Resource pooling: new financing sources adapted to digital culture and its many contributors and projects
  • 7. Legal requirements for fair publishing and distribution contracts
  • 8. A preventive competition policy against distribution monopolies and their abuse
  • 9. Reform of collective management
  • 10. Keeping pollution by advertising under control
  • 11. Effective norms for the enforcement of network neutrality
  • 12. Compulsory registration or copyright 2.0
  • 13. Cultural public funding and tax reform
  • 14. A positive statute for the public domain and the voluntary commons
  • 15. No additional involvement of technical intermediaries in the application of copyright

How to act?[modifier

Stay informed and raise awareness about copyright around you

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