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CETA (Canada-EU Trade Agreement) is a wide-ranging trade agreement that has been in negotiation since 2009 between Canada and the European Union.

Only a few days after the rejection by the European Parliament of ACTA om July 2013, leaks of the CETA's chapter dedicated to the protection of intellectual property were published, which echoes word for word the worst parts of ACTA, as criminal sanctions and repressive copyright clauses. Also, most analysts are seeing in CETA a rewriting of OMPI or APIC (OMC) treaties.

Once again, this time through CETA, the EU Commission is trying to bypass the democratic process in order to impose repressive measures, already rejected by citizens and the European Parliament. Like ACTA, CETA is a major threat to freedom of expression online and creates legal uncertainty for Internet actors.

Next steps

  • Unknow: beginning of the legislative procedure of the European Parliament

Stay informed and raise awareness on CETA

Read our web dossier, the treatsure trove of CETA related documents (including articles and leaked documents) and our press review to know the latest developments. CETA reproduced word for word some sections of ACTA: so, a lot of LQDN's analysis about ACTA applies to CETA.

Don't hesitate to raise the issue with friends, family, strangers or your representatives: refer people to la Quadrature's webdossier on CETA for more information and to read the news of course. Numerous pictures are at your disposal to decorate your messages.

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