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Keep yourself informed and talk about ACTA around you

Read our dossier or our analysis of ACTA's final version to be informed. The page ACTA: to keep in mind and our press review allow you to know the last important points about it.

To subscribe to our discussion list about ACTA, send a blank email to acta-subscribe@laquadrature.net.

At last, don't hesite to refer people to la Quadrature's webdossier on ACTA and show it to family, colleagues, friends (not just geeks, everyone). Numerous pictures and others resources are at your disposal to decorate your messages.

Contact your MEPS

Contacting your Elected Representatives is the most useful thing you can do right now, and until the final vote in the European Parliament. Each of these steps is an occasion for us to make ourselves heard against ACTA.

La Quadrature du Net provides you with a tool of campaign, the Piphone, to allow you to call simply and free of charge MEPs, and a list of counter-arguments to help you debunk the EU Commission's lies, which are relayed by pro-ACTA.

To be informed about the next steps to urge Members of the European Parliament to reject ACTA, send a blank email to NOtoACTA-subscribe@laquadrature.net to subscribe to our list.

Support la Quadrature du Net

If you can afford it, financial support is of course greatly appreciated.

You can make a donation to help La Quadrature keep on fighting ACTA and act on the other dossiers it works on.


To go much further

Consult this page which lists the various means to act against ACTA.

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