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  • 9 April: The law commission of the French Senate will examine the legal project on egality between men and women in second reading (date by which amendments have to be submitted is 7 April)
  • 10 April: Action in front of conference in Paris between EU and US negotiators and representatives of multinational corporations
  • 11 April: Quadr'apéro Monthly Apero-meeting at the Quadrature's offices
  • 22-25 May: European Parliament elections 2014
  • July: round of negotiations on TAFTA in Brussels
  • 5-6 June: Deliberation of the Council of the European Union on the Regulation on Net Neutrality
  • 5-6 June: publication of the Justice Home Affairs' position on Data Protection
  • 21 June: Deadline for answer at the "Public consultation on modalities for investment protection and ISDS" in TAFTA
  • 26-29 June: Pas Sage En Seine 2014 at the Numa in Paris
  • December: round of negotiations on TAFTA in Brussels
  • End of December: The 31rd Chaos Communication Congress (31c3) of the Chaos Computer Club (possibly in Hamburg)

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