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Political Memory is a toolbox designed by La Quadrature du Net to help european citizens to reach members of European Parliament (MEPs), and track their voting records.

Version 2 of Political Memory is actually online. Don't hesitate to add your representative's public positions or to report some bug.

Version 3 of Political Memory is in dev mode... Contribute !

How to contribute

Like in any free software project:

  • clone it
  • install it
  • code
  • optional: talk to us about it on irc (#lqdn-memopol) or on the mailing list (mempol2@laquadrature.netinfo)
  • send a pull request either on gitorious or github
  • hit us with a stick if we don't react (shouldn't happen)
  • we merge your code, everyone is happy
  • party hard
  • start again


See the installation page

Running tests

See the running tests page

What you can do

Actually, a new version is in development mode. There are plenty of things to do. The idea is to make each main point a little workshop in order to make them open to everyone :

  • Interface design
  • Eliminate useless pages (hemicycle for exemple)
  • Modify unreadable pages (score for example)
  • Show score of each "scorable object" (Committee, MEP, Country, Group, etc...)
  • Make the score more understandable, easy to read
  • Use some sort of medals/trophies to show best/worse MEPs
  • Show trend based on latest votes
  • Optimize / Accelerate loading
  • Simplify the map
  • Simplify the list of MEPs in order to load each of them faster in only one pass
  • Show important information in priority
  • The map must show some information about countries scoring
  • Each MEP must have their important information on the first tab
  • Simplify the search engine
  • Some simple requests can create too much long URL in return => impossible to use them
  • Maybe using filters on top of the page could be sufficient (like there : )
  • Simplified urls should be very usefull
  • Clearly separate and standardize different parts of Memopol
  • Memopol-core => Main part of Memopol, linking all other parts of it in one usable piece
  • Memopol-representative => Standardisation of the datas of each representative of a parliament (European, Italian, french, etc...)
  • Memopol-XX => Where XX represents a parliament,
  • Other possible things not clear at the moment
  • Easiest translation for admins
  • Easiest transaltion for users => flag to click
  • Global comprehension: Visitors are not lawyers or specialists
  • Data porn: free our datas in a reasonable way (csv, database dump, etc...)
  • FAQ: every one can have questions (scoring explication could be a good point too)
  • CSV (and other formats) export

A lot of things have been maybe partially done. If you think you have something done from the QCC 2012, do not hesitate to share it and discuss about it, you're more than welcome !