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General mailing-list

Specific mailing-list

Inactive mailing-list


To profit from a better user experience of mailing-lists, you should be aware of some good practices.


Respect netiquette, some Wikipedia article about. It’s including, but not limited to, RFC 1855.


Obviously, respect for others enrolled in mailing lists is essential, and attacks/insults/threats are not tolerated under any circumstances here: such statements are not considered "free speech" (see this famous BD of xkcd on the subject). Don't hesitate to contact a administrator if you meet any problem.

Technical Hints

Here we add various technical hints for more used and popular (free) mail clients (MUA, Mail User-Agent): Thunderbird, Evolution, ClawsMail, etc. Don’t hesitate to add other sections ;)


Hidding/Filtering Messages From Some People (and so Answers too)

Hidding/Filtering Some Threads