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Political Memory: MEPs ranking by country

The rankings linked below have been computed with MEPs scores on the following votes and with the following:

You can also view this ranking:

Denmark MEPs_score_DK}} Denmark: mean score: 61.6/100
Sweden MEPs_score_SE}} Sweden: mean score: 60.6/100
Czech Republic MEPs_score_CZ}} Czech Republic: mean score: 54.6/100
Austria MEPs_score_AT}} Austria: mean score: 54.1/100
Portugal MEPs_score_PT}} Portugal: mean score: 53.6/100
Cyprus MEPs_score_CY}} Cyprus: mean score: 53.5/100
Luxembourg MEPs_score_LU}} Luxembourg: mean score: 53.4/100
Latvia MEPs_score_LV}} Latvia: mean score: 53.2/100
Belgium MEPs_score_BE}} Belgium: mean score: 51.9/100
Netherlands MEPs_score_NL}} Netherlands: mean score: 51.5/100
Finland MEPs_score_FI}} Finland: mean score: 51.4/100
France MEPs_score_FR}} France: mean score: 50.6/100
Greece MEPs_score_GR}} Greece: mean score: 50.0/100
Poland MEPs_score_PL}} Poland: mean score: 49.7/100
Bulgaria MEPs_score_BG}} Bulgaria: mean score: 49.4/100
Estonia MEPs_score_EE}} Estonia: mean score: 49.0/100
Spain MEPs_score_ES}} Spain: mean score: 48.4/100
Italy MEPs_score_IT}} Italy: mean score: 47.7/100
Lithuania MEPs_score_LT}} Lithuania: mean score: 47.5/100
Romania MEPs_score_RO}} Romania: mean score: 47.4/100
United Kingdom MEPs_score_GB}} United Kingdom: mean score: 46.9/100
Germany MEPs_score_DE}} Germany: mean score: 45.8/100
Slovenia MEPs_score_SI}} Slovenia: mean score: 45.0/100
Ireland MEPs_score_IE}} Ireland: mean score: 44.6/100
Slovakia MEPs_score_SK}} Slovakia: mean score: 44.6/100
Malta MEPs_score_MT}} Malta: mean score: 44.1/100
Hungary MEPs_score_HU}} Hungary: mean score: 42.1/100

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