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Political Memory: Subcommittee on Human Rights, MEPs from {{#icon:CZ.png|Czech Republic}} Czech Republic's Informations

MEP Group Contact Offices
Jan ZAHRADIL ECR MEPs_ECR}} ECR Tel Bxl.: +32 2 28 45 Not fixed yet
Tel Bxl.: +32 2 28 47 Not fixed yet
Tel Str.: +33 3 88 175 Not fixed yet
Tel Str.: +33 3 88 177 Not fixed yet
Fax Bxl.: +32 2 28 49 Not fixed yet
Fax Str.: +33 3 88 179 Not fixed yet
Brussels: WIB 02M081
Strasbourg: LOW T13016

MEPs whose name is in italics are substitutes in Subcommittee on Human Rights.

Other committees for MEPs from Czech Republic