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This page lists the different lobbies' s documents calling for an extensive definition of personal data, upon the adoption process of the European Commission's Proposal for a General Data Protection Regulation.

The indicated month is when the position has been sent to Members of the European Parliament.

Corporate associations

International confederation for printing and allied industries, January 2013


Bitkom, January 2013


European Small Business Alliance and Association for Competetive Technology, January 2013

1 2

Eurofinas,December 2012

Eurofinas is the representing lobby for consumer credit providers in Europe. In this document, it's suggesting amendments to the ITRE draft opinion. Those amendments aim at reviewing the definition of personal data and date subjects in an extensive way, allowing the companies to process, use and disseminate personal data freely, without any obligation to inform its consumers.

Insurance Europe, December 2012

Insurance Europe is the representing lobby for Insurance Federations in Europe. In its comments and definitions on the ITRE draft proposal, it's pushing for a limitation of consumer's right to access their data, in the name of business and competition.

Leaseurope, December 2012

Leaseurope is the representing lobby for car rental companies. On the pretext of heavy administrative changes for its members and in the name of business, it's supporting the less protective amendments for citizens, denying them the right to control their data.

EuroISPA, December 2012


Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers(ACCIS), December 2012

1 2

EuroCat, December 2012


Insurance Europe, November 2012

1 2

Digital Europe, November 2012

Digital Europe is the representing lobby for European digital technology industry. Among its members stand Apple, Microsoft, Nokia... (see last page of their document). Among the 64 amendments proposed by the organisation, modifications are made to water down obligations concerning data breaches notifications to the data subject.

European Banking Federation, November 2012

The European Banking Federation is the representing lobby for European banks. As most of the other lobbies, its proposed amendments aim at softening obligations concerning data breaches 24h notification, limitation of profiling and procedure of consent. All of these amendments go against citizens fundamental freedoms.

European Magazine Media Association and European Newspapers Publisher’s Association, November 2012

1 2

Coordination Committee for the Medical Imaging, Electromedical Equipment and eHealth Industry, November 2012

1 2 3

European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, November 2012


AmCham EU, October 2012

AmCham EU 2

BusinessEurope, October 2012


French Banking Federation, October 2012

1 2

GSMA/ETNO, October 2012


Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain, October 2012


Insurance Europe, September 2012


EuroCommerce, September 2012


Digital Europe, March 2012

Digital Europe


EU companies

Telefonica, December 2012

1 2 3

British Telecom, December 2012

British Telecom

Nokia, November 2012

1 2 3

US Companies

eBay, December 2012


Amazon, November 2012


Opower, October 2012

1 2 3

Source: https://dataskydd.net/lobbydokument-i-parlamentet-om-dataskydd/ (Swedish)