How to act against ACTA: example phone call

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See our dossier on ACTA, a list of NGOs, politicians, academics, etc. against ACTA, counter-arguments to answer those defending ACTA, and a 2 minute video on ACTA.
To be informed about the next steps to urge Members of the European Parliament to reject ACTA, send a blank email to to subscribe to our list.
To discuss ACTA, subscribe to our discussion list by sending a blank email to We won't use your email for anything else.

You want to act against ACTA and are about to call your MEP and ask them to reject ACTA, great!
Remember, the counter-arguments to what your correspondant might answer can be very useful.

Here is an example phone call, to give you an idea of how such a conversation may go.

It is not intended to be directly reused as such, only to provide a guide, an example.
Remember, spontaneity is always better…

Phone call

  • YOU: Hello, I would like to talk to Mrs/Mr MEP, please.
  • Assistant: Mrs/Mr MEP is not available, I am her/his assistant. Can I help you?"
  • YOU: I am MyName, calling from MyCountry, I am very much concerned by the ACTA agreement.
  • Assistant: I see. We had calls before. I have no time.
  • YOU: But it is very important! The whole negotiations circumvented the democratic process and could radically alter the Internet and citizens' freedoms.
  • Assistant: Don't worry. The text is not as bad as you've heard, everything will be fine.
  • YOU: A paper by leading European law scholars shows that ACTA goes beyond the EU acquis. The ACTA agreement lets the Commission negotiate on civil and criminal sanctions. It is not just a trade agreement. The European Parliament must show its commitment to protecting EU citizens. Mrs/Mr MEP should help shape the INTA report to present this information against ACTA."
  • Assistant: "I'll tell Mrs/Mr MEP."
  • YOU: "Thank you very much for listening to me. If you wish, I can send you reference documents. I'll call you again shortly to know what he/she thought. Have a good day."