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(Contact your Elected Representatives)
(Contact your Elected Representatives)
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<strong>This weeks' key events :</strong>
<strong>This weeks' key events :</strong>
* <s>April 24th, 9:00 - Rapporteur Amelia Andersdotter presents its [http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?pubRef=-%2f%2fEP%2f%2fNONSGML%2bCOMPARL%2bPE-483.518%2b01%2bDOC%2bPDF%2bV0%2f%2fEN report] to the “Industry” ([https://memopol.lqdn.fr/europe/parliament/committee/ITRE/ ITRE]) committee</s>
* April 25th, 15:00 - Rapporteur David Martin presents its [http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getpdf.do?type=COMPARL&reference=PE-486.174&format=PDF&language=EN&secondRef=02 report] to the “International trade” ([https://memopol.lqdn.fr/europe/parliament/committee/INTA/ INTA]) committee
* <s>April 25th, 16:50 - Rapporteur Marielle Gallo presents its [http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?type=COMPARL&reference=PE-487.684&secondRef=01&language=EN report] to the “Legal Affairs” ([https://memopol.lqdn.fr/europe/parliament/committee/JURI/ JURI]) committee</s>
* April 26th, 10:00 - The JURI committee '''could''' vote on its report
* April 26th, 11h30 - Presentation of the second opinion of the [http://www.edps.europa.eu/EDPSWEB/ EDPS] on ACTA, in the “Civil Liberties” ([https://memopol.lqdn.fr/europe/parliament/committee/LIBE/ LIBE]) committee
To be informed about the next steps to urge Members of the European Parliament to reject ACTA, send a blank email to [mailto:NOtoACTA-subscribe@laquadrature.net NOtoACTA-subscribe@laquadrature.net] to subscribe to our list (we won't use your email for anything else).
To be informed about the next steps to urge Members of the European Parliament to reject ACTA, send a blank email to [mailto:NOtoACTA-subscribe@laquadrature.net NOtoACTA-subscribe@laquadrature.net] to subscribe to our list (we won't use your email for anything else).

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This page lists different ways to take action against ACTA right now and to learn more about this dangerous agreement.


ACTA is a multi-lateral trade agreement which threatens to change the Internet as we know it and puts fundamental freedoms at risk.

The European Parliament will vote on ACTA and still has the occasion to reject it once and for all.
You will find on this page different ways you can act to defeat ACTA as a citizen.

As a citizen, the main two things to do are:

  • contacting Members of the European Parliament
  • helping spread the word about ACTA.

Contact your Elected Representatives

ACTA handcuffed world

Contacting your Elected Representatives is the most useful thing you can do right now, and until the final vote in the European Parliament. To get a clear view of the parliamentary process, visit our page ACTA: Procedure in the European Parliament.

We need to act at each step of the parliamentary process in the European Parliament. Each of these steps is an occasion for us to make ourselves heard against ACTA.

This week, from the 23rd to the 26th of April, it is an important ACTA week in the European Parliament. It's a perfect opportunity to contact MEPs!

This weeks' key events : The European Parliament rejected ACTA by a huge majority, Wednesday 4th of July, 2012. Now, it is time to start a positive reform of copyright to adapt it to the digital era.

In this regard, La Quadrature du Net's platform of proposals provides a thorough analysis of the key stakes and a consistent set of proposals, for the copyright reform as well as related culture and media policy issues.

To ensure further victories and continued action, please support La Quadrature, by making a donation or by helping out.

To be informed about the next steps to urge Members of the European Parliament to reject ACTA, send a blank email to NOtoACTA-subscribe@laquadrature.net to subscribe to our list (we won't use your email for anything else).

How to?

To easily get in touch with the right Members of the European Parliament, you can use our PiPhone. This tool will connected to a Elected Representatives free of charge. If you enter your country, you will be connected to an MEP speaking your language.

You also can use Political Memory to get the contact details of a precise MEP.

Who to contact?

Several EP committees are responsible for producing reports that will be put to vote along with the vote on ACTA as a whole.

You can call each of the committees below to tell to them what you think of ACTA, and that you want their report to convey your opinion as a citizen and to recommend the rejection of the agreement.

General advice

Key arguments are listed on our page ACTA: to keep in mind.

The MEPs have been given a “fact-sheet” on ACTA's supposed inoffensiveness to reassure concerned citizens (that's you). You can find a debunking of these lies here.

  • If a question to which you don't have the answer comes up, don't panic. You are not expected to be an expert, only a concerned citizen. Tell the MEP you will research the answer and call back with more information, and come and ask us.
  • If you're still not comfortable with the arguments, don't give up. Ask what is the MEP's position on ACTA, and ask what are their arguments.
  • During your calls, you will speak most of the time to a Parliamentary assistant. They are generally polite and intelligent people, approach them accordingly. Being calm and courteous, tell them about your concerns, asking them to take part in the parliamentary debates and to take a stand against ACTA.
  • Don't forget to let us a little feedback of your call, either on the PiPhone, or by contacting us. That's very useful for us.
  • In general, don't hesitate to offer to call back with more information, to meet the MEP, to send documents, references, etc.
  • Sometimes, Parliamentary assistants will ask you to send an e-mail. Don't hesitate to call back later to check if they've read it and what they thought of it.

If you are still uncomfortable, you can find an example phone call here.

Spread the message

Another important and complimentary way to act against ACTA is to inform people, making sure as many people as possible know about ACTA and how bad it is. It may sound obvious, but people can only want to act against ACTA if they are aware of its dangers.

You can spread resources by La Quadrature du Net and other, far and wide:

  • your personal spaces on the Internet (personal blogs, social networks, micro-blogging platforms)
  • mailing lists,
  • email,
  • forums
  • any other mean :)

Refer people to la Quadrature's webdossier on ACTA

Show people the NO to ACTA video

  • You can embed the video everywhere:
    • Use the following html code to insert the main version of the video
<iframe src="http://mediakit.laquadrature.net/embed/716?size=medium" 
style="width: 640px; height: 500px; border: 0; overflow: hidden"></iframe>
    • Or go to this page to find the code to embed other versions of the video in English, and to this page to embed versions in French.
    • To embed the Spanish subtitled version of the video for example, use this code:
<iframe src="http://mediakit.laquadrature.net/embed/716?size=medium&sub=es_ES" 
style="width: 640px; height: 500px; border: 0; overflow: hidden"></iframe>

The videos are released under a permissive and freedom-granting Creative Commons licence, so you don't have to ask to use them. :)


Use, share, remix the NO to ACTA flyer

Use our No to ACTA flyer for demonstrations, informative actions, and share it, remix it and help translate it!

Use your own words, pictures, sounds to talk about ACTA

Creating more creative bits and art and expressing oneself is another powerful way to inform other people.

The power of image and creativity to explain and touch people is very strong, so this is a great way to act against ACTA if you enjoy writing, drawing, painting, making music, etc.

Here are some ideas:

  • Write an article on your blog,
  • Write an article for your school, college/university or company newspaper
  • Write to your newspapers asking why they aren't talking more about ACTA and telling them about ACTA
  • Create more videos, films, pictures, paintings against either the whole of ACTA or specific parts of the agreement
    • For instance, you can create banners, buttons, illustrations against ACTA (using images from the videos if you want) that others can use in their signatures, as avatars, to illustrate their blog articles, newspaper articles, etc.
    • If you do so, please post a link to your banner here.
  • Remix and transform already produced material, and give it a new life.
    • For instance, to the right here is a cool infographics remix of the NO to ACTA video with RoboCopyright ACTA.

More Ways to help

Organise events

  • Organise public events at your school, university, work place, etc.
    • Organise a discussion about ACTA, linking it to your classes or your activity
    • Show the NO to ACTA video

Publicly take a stand

  • If you are part of an NGO, consider having it publicly denounce ACTA, and telling your members about ACTA's dangers.
  • Contact well-known persons, celebrities or NGOs and ask them to take a stand.

Support la Quadrature du Net

If you can afford it, financial support is of course greatly appreciated.

You can make a donation to help La Quadrature keep on fighting ACTA and act on the other dossiers it works on.


Translate this page into your language

To help other people from different parts of the world act against ACTA, you can help translate this page.

Remember to always use the English version as the source for your translation, as it is the most up to date version. If you do so, remember to update the translated version often enough.

For collaborative translation and easy proofreading and correction, you can use an EtherPad such as http://pad.lqdn.fr/p/How-to-act-against-ACTA-LANGUAGE

ie: https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/How_to_act_against_ACTA_es

Once translated, create a new page on the wiki with your translated text, and add a link to your language to the top of this page.
(You need an account to create a page on the wiki, open editing is disabled for spam protection.)

Contacting us

If in doubt or if you have any remaining question, don't hesitate to contact us :

Thanks for your help everyone :)
Together, we can do amazing things! Like defeat ACTA!