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How to connect to La Quadrature's channel ?

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a protocol that allows live chatting with other users by logging in with a special software (named client) to an IRC server. Anyone connected like that can chat on public or private rooms.

There are some IRC client, here are the more common ones :

      xChat - multiplateform
      irssi - multiplateform
      mIRC - Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2k/XP/Vista

If you don't want to / cannot install an IRC client on your computer, there are other ways to log in.
For example, you can join us through this applet:
If you don't have java, an ajax applet is available here:


First you have to log into the server:


Then you have to chose a nickname:

/nick [your_nick]

After that, you can join a chat room:

/join #laquadrature

La Quadrature du Net's chat rooms

  1. laquadrature : La Quadrature main chat room
  2. lqdn-travail : Working channel
  3. laquadrature-vidz : Video team's channel
  4. lqdn-rp : Press review team's channel


You can register your nickname so that you would be the only one to be able to use it. To do that, type in the box :

/msg nickserv REGISTER [Password] [Email] 

You have to be connected under the nickname you want to register!

Logging in

If you are registered and you want to log in, simply type :

/msg nickserv IDENTIFY [Password]

If you have rights (voice, IRCop, VHANNop), you can force the bot to give them to you via

/hs on

Main commands of our bots

In addition to usual IRC commands, some commands are available to interact with bots.


!rp + URL includes the url in our press review. Use c (!rpc) if it quotes La Quadrature («According to la Quadrature, [...]»), use p (!rpp) if the subject is about La Quadrature («La Quadrature is a group that [...]»). We can also use both at the same time : !rpcp


!stats allows to see the statistics of articles published recently / not published yet


This command is used to take notes of what is going on during debates, most often in the national Parliament. Just type !tc<space><name of the speaker> followed by what he/she said or by the text describing the event going on.

Example: « !tc Albanel talks about IP address manufacturing », or else : « !tc Billard / Brard defend authors instead of majors »


To check out the next events added to our list.

Other commands


When you are present but unavailable, you can change your status to absent. In order to do so, type the command

/away [message]


To change your nickname, type the command

/nick <new_nickname>


To get help from the bot about available commands, use the command

/msg NickServ HELP

Problèmes de charset

If the accents do not display properly, type the following commands:

  • With XChat type:
/charset UTF-8
  • With Irssi type:
 /set term_charset UTF-8