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This page aims to be a guide for people willing to help laquadrature but don't know how to proceed.

The first part of this page concerns immediate actions (recording a show on TV, ...), while the second part focuses on long term actions (communication, buzz, ...).

If you need any information, help, advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact us

  • By mail : contact AT laquadrature POINT net.
  • On IRC :
  • Via the Mailing-list

Being on the IRC chan and/or subscribing to the mailing list is a good way to keep informed about laquadrature last news.

Immediate actions

List of actions, often urgent, with a limited timeline.

No actions right now

Long term actions

Translation / Proofreading

If you can translates pages in any language spoken within Europe, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are fluent in English, please read the Last news from the main site listed in the main page and Let us know any error spotted.

You can also read and correct the most recent translations :


Propagate the information over the web, spread articles, let your friends and family know what's happening (Please do not use spam).

Click the digg,, etc.. buttons in any articles of the main site, so that they'll be more popular/read.

keep watching the wiki

There are many ways to contribute :

  • You can help us improve our tool Political_Memory. See the help page
  • Correct mistakes, add judicious content.
  • Watch the recent changes and watch important pages (use the watch tab above the current page)
  • Add categories to pages and add links between pages.
  • Help creating the most requested pages

graphical elements creation

If you have any graphics skills, let us know. We especially are looking for buttons, banners, etc.

Creation of promotional multimedia content

Stay informed

Stay informed about laquadrature latest news.