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(Political Memory)
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*IRC channel: #lqdn-travail
*IRC channel: #lqdn-travail
====[[Memopol-en|Political Memory]]====
====[[Memopol_(en)|Political Memory]]====
*Quadpad: https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/memopol
*Quadpad: https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/memopol
*Git repository: https://github.com/vincib/memopol2
*Git repository: https://github.com/vincib/memopol2

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Your help is welcome!

There are various ways of taking part in the La Quadrature du Net's action, here are a few examples:

Keep yourself informed

To be able to stay informed of our publications and future actions, you can subscribe to the following RSS feeds:

You can also subscribe to our newsletter. Your email address will be used for nothing but sending messages related to our activity. It won't be shared to third-parties.

Talk about La Quadrature du Net around you

You can participate by telling your friends, colleagues, family about this website and by warning them about legislative projects on national, European and international levels.
You can participate by sharing informations and documents found on this website, forums, blogs, well known or unknown medias. You may also use La Quadrature's visuals in your messages.

Warn decision makers and political representatives

You can contact Members of the national Parliament, and Members of the European Parliament to share your concerns and ask them to act against Internet related law projects that endanger individual freedoms. You will find on the website and the wiki all the informations you may need to be informed and to contact your elected representatives.

Show your support on the website

If non-governmental organizations are willing to show their support to La Quadrature du Net, they can contact us at soutien @ laquadrature.net and provide us with a description of their structure (French / English), a logo (High Definition if possible), a contact address, and optionally a quote explaining the reasons of their support.


La Quadrature du Net often needs help to accomplish certain tasks and your know-how can be very precious.


La Quadrature du Net has some tools to get these tasks done:

  • A project management application that gathers tasks in which everyone can take part. Do not hesitate to register
  • The mailing list discussion@ to spread out calls to participate to La Quadrature du Net's actions such as calling Members of the European Parliament, spreading campaigning messages, etc. This list is also used to give suggestions and feedback of any kind, and to discuss about it. Your email address will be used for nothing but sending messages related to our activity. It won't be shared to third-parties.
  • The quadpad that allows live document editing by various people at the same time
  • IRC chat rooms that you can join to ask about tasks that must be done or simply to discuss with us

For each project, a wiki page, a mailing list, a quadpad, and a Git repository are created:

Internet site

  • Quadpad: https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/site-web
  • Git repository: git@pi2.serverside.fr:lqdn-dev.git
  • Mailing list: site@laquadrature.net
  • IRC channel: #lqdn-travail

Political Memory



Do not hesitate to use these tools, that's what they are here for.

Contribute to the wiki

You can contribute to this wiki by complementing it, adding consistent content, correcting spelling and grammar mistakes.

Edit the press review

You can integrate the PR team and update the Press Review. Go to <a href="http://www.laquadrature.net/wiki/Revue_de_presse">this page</a> to get more informations about the working process and the edition of the press review. If you're willing to join the PR team, come on the <a href="http://www.laquadrature.net/wiki/IRC">IRC</a> #lqdn-rp chatroom where you'll receive a cheerful welcome.


Most of the press releases published on the website need to be translated, the sooner after the publication, the better. The announcements for translations are made via our translation mailing list. Do not hesitate to subscribe.
You can also take part in the less urgent but nonetheless essential translations

If your language skills allow you to translate without using an auto-translation software then your know-how will be highly appreciated.


La Quadrature du Net would like to keep trace of its spokespersons' interventions and of the broadcasts that deal with its issues. To do so, we need people to record these shows and broadcast them via the mediakit. For more information, please read our tutoriel enregistrement (in French).


If you have graphics skills, your help is welcome. Banners, buttons, promotional multimedia elements and short ads are particularly sought-after. Do not hesitate to contact us.


We tried to make an as detailed as possible list of the ways that you can contribute to La Quadrature du Net's actions. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask us via email (contact @ laquadrature.net) or on IRC.

For more general questions, or questions related to La Quadrature's issues, please use our contact form.