Help sign the Written Declaration 12/2010 about ACTA

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Help sign the Written declaration 12/2010 against ACTA

5 minutes to help the European Parliament reject ACTA!


The Written declaration 12/2010 was tabled by the Members of European Parliament Castex, Roithova, Alvaro and Lambrinidis. It opposes the ACTA by declaring that the negociated agreement must respect freedom of expression, privacy and Net neutrality (by protecting Internet actors against excessive legal liability). It calls on the Commission to publish all the texts under negociation.

There are now three months to collect signatures of half the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). It will then become an official position of the European Parliament. The more signature will be collected, the stronger the political value of the signed declaration will be.

Inside or outside the Parliament, every European citizen can participate to this endeavour!

This campaign page is a wiki page. Everyone can edit it to enhance it and contribute information.


Signatures are open from March 8th 2010 and for a period of 3 months.

From Mar 8th to Mar 11th, call the offices in Strasbourg!

This timeframe includes 4 plenary sessions, when all the MEPs will be present, in Strasbourg:

  • Week from Mar 8th to Mar 11th
  • Week from Apr 19th to Apr 22nd
  • Week from May 17th to May 20th
  • Week from Jun 14th to Jun 17th

It also includes the regular Brussels activity, including 2 "mini-plenaries" on March 25th and May 5th.


All the Members of the European Parliament can sign this declaration. The more the better.

  • Target MEPs from your country. Write to them and call them presenting yourself and stating your nationality.
  • Target MEPs from all political groups. Do not hesitate to invoke the names of the initial signatories from their political group (Mrs Roithova for the EPP, Mr Lambrinidis and Mrs Castex for the S&D, Mr Alvaro for the ALDE group).

You can report back your contact, whether it was successful or not to



Example phonecalls

Example letters