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Political Memory: Gianluca SUSTA, MEP

{{#icon:GianlucaSusta.jpg|Gianluca SUSTA}}

General Data

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Functions in European Parliament

Curriculum Vitae

  • Graduate in law
  • Advocate qualified in legal defence before the higher courts
  • Regional Secretary of the DC youth movement in Piedmont (1977), organisational director of the DC in Piedmont (1987) and national adviser of the Italian People's Party (1999)
  • Chairman of the constituent assembly of the Margherita party (2001)
  • Member of the national executive (2002-2005) and currently member of the national leadership of Margherita
  • Councillor (since 1975), municipal councillor with specific responsibilities and mayor of Biella (1992-2004)
  • President of the provincial council of Biella (2004-2005)
  • Currently provincial councillor of Biella and municipal councillor of Soprana (BI)
  • Formerly Vice-President of Piedmont Regional Government
  • Vice-chairman of ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipal Councils) from 1999 to 2002, was member of the State, Cities and Local Authorities Conference (2000-2002)
  • Chairman of the Agency for the administration of the Register of Secretaries of Municipal and Provincial Councils (2000-20005)





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