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The Press Report tool is a url and publishing database linked to the IRC channel of La Quadrature du Net.


It works like this :

  • URL may be posted by any relevant program (for now, an IRC bot called Wantzel)
  • URL may be noted up or down through the IRC channel or the web interface
  • Screenshots of the URL are down automatically using firefox and vncsnapshot on a remote server
  • A button allows any guy with publishing access to the drupal to publish a new drupal node with the title, source media, url, screenshot, and extract of the article
  • The /rp and drupal zones are protected by 2 different accounts.
  • It is written in PHP using a MySQL database.

What we want to do

  • nothing as far as I know
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Press Report
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Description The press report tools manage the URL that talks about our topics and allows us to publish extracts of La Quadrature's quotes in the media
Languages PHP,MySQL
Leader Benjamin
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Repository svn://
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