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* [[User:neurone721|Bram]] ping me on irc, I'm quite often "available"
* [[User:neurone721|Bram]] ping me on irc, I'm quite often "available"
* ''who else got root ?''
* ''who else got root ?''

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La Quadrature du Net needs help on many software development projects. They are listed here, along with resources allowing you to participate.

If you have any question, please come and ask them on IRC: #laquadrature on irc.freenode.net

List of the current projects :

(par ordre décroissant d'importance à nos yeux)

System Administration[edit]

There is also a system administrator team who can :

  • Update the website, wiki and other production tools (irc bots, mailing program etc.)
  • Create SVN accounts reset and change passwords
  • Answer any question regarding those projects

The system administration team (the guys who have root access to pi) are (by order of availability for any sysadmin task) :

(we should delete user and accounts that are not used or needed)