Exemple de lettre à son député européen

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The Telecoms Package is a proposal from EU Commission

It says more or less the Internet will be divided into zones and as much one pays that much access to certain areas of the Internet the one will have.

The idea of insane people ..

Networks as Bitnet then the Internet have been invented by scientists, first mainly for scientists to exchange scientific information. What you do to our tools is crazy.

Think first! Invent something yourself and then introduce your censorship by packages in your own area. But .. are you able to invent something at all you dumb idiots writing that proposal for the EU Commission?

You have no right to do that this way by Telecoms Package.

Obviously students, scientists and teachers are the most poor people in this EU, so they could not afford paying for the packages.

Who will benefit? The rich pigs lawyers and so on who can invent censorship, packages and laws convenient to them only, same as Stalin, Kadafi, Hussein, Jaruzelski, Hitler and so on ..

Guys you start acting as Stalin's communists or Hitler's nasci bandits. Do you need the "iron curtains"? Do you want another war?

From here is a one step to small police countries instead of having United Europe, police countries same as for example Poland where policemen were cooperating with mafia, were earning twice or four times more than scientists, where the policemen could rape, kill etc. and almost nobody could touch them because those bandits in uniforms had guns, were getting money for new radars, cars and weapons from the EU, whilst there was almost no money for science development and new technologies development in that region of the EU.

Do you know how much an assistant professor or a lecturer/senior lecturer earns in Poland? About 500-700 EUR/ month after tax and prices have almost been the same in western countries as in Poland.

What would German, Irish or British people with a doctorate do for that money? I guess that would be their unemployment benefit if they do nothing at all.

Think how people in Central and Eastern Europe i.e. Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia etc. could afford those packages? That would ruin those countries. Is that what they want? Do they need people in Eastern Europe saying the communism was better?

Please think instead how to make currencies of the new EU members in the Central and Eastern Eaurope more stable in order to allow them to access the EUR currency zone ASAP!!!

Many people in those countries because of a regional currency devaluation by 50%-100% within half of a year have enough of the EU help and the EU politics leading to more and more poverty in those regions within the recent year.

What those EU Commission people do nowadays is trying to introduce censorship projects dividing EU information. Tourists are not allowed to take photos in London etc. What would be next if nobody stops them?

After the Internet zones for the chosen people who can pay more than others for accessing certain Internet zones perhaps again toilets in Europe Nur Fur Deutsche, Only for British, Only for Irish, Only for French etc.

Please do not spend our heavily earned money for idiots from the EU commission writing stupid proposals. Give us some more money for science and new technologies development because China in robotics, car engineering, microelectronics, software and tools development become much better than Europeans who are now some 10 years behind Japan, and some 5 years behind the USA in modern technologies development.

Do you want us to be 30 years behind them after dividing the Internet into zones? And please stop telling us that is against piracy! Do you think we are idiots?!

We have similar to the Telecoms Package existing example called the iTunes services, servers and software. We are not allowed by the iTunes in Eastern European part of the EU to buy songs of British or American vocalists with Worldwide valid credit cards. I wanted to buy wonderful songs of a young British, talented vocalist Kate Fletcher ( http://www.myspace.com/katefletcherofficialsite ) on iTunes and I simply could not from Poland because the service said the songs were not available in the Polish store for Poles. Would it be an advantage? To whom?