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Thanks to improve this part with opinions from Hanne DAHL about Squaring the Net concerned issues (see page Help:Political_Memory to know how to do it).

Mrs Harms, just a few words to you Madam. In our minds, we're not

talking about developpement of Internet on the one hand, and the protecting of copyrights in the other hand, piting the two against each other. This is the moment of convergence, and we need to therefore work both on the containers, the networks, and on content. We therefore need to give an advantage to authors and to creators. As you said quite rightly Madam, France attaches a great importance to copyright and the French presidency in office is not seeking to impose some kind of example, that we're taking in France with the graduated response, know as the Creation and Internet Law.

We are very aware of the need to protect private life and personal data absolutely and I don't think this is in any way incompatible with other concerns we can have, Madam.