Enforcement of intellectual property rights resolution LV

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Political Memory: Rapport Gallo on enforcement of intellectual property rights in the internal market, Results for Latvia {{#icon:LV.png|Latvia}}

Rank MEP Group Final score
1 Alexander MIRSKY SD Enforcement_of_intellectual_property_rights_resolution_SD}} SD 100.0 Show details
2 Alfreds RUBIKS GUE/NGL Enforcement_of_intellectual_property_rights_resolution_GUE}} GUE/NGL 100.0 Show details
3 Inese VAIDERE PPE Enforcement_of_intellectual_property_rights_resolution_PPE}} PPE 61.5 Show details
4 Ivars GODMANIS ALDE Enforcement_of_intellectual_property_rights_resolution_ALDE}} ALDE 38.5 Show details
5 Sandra KALNIETE PPE Enforcement_of_intellectual_property_rights_resolution_PPE}} PPE 23.1 Show details
6 Arturs Krišjānis KARIŅŠ PPE Enforcement_of_intellectual_property_rights_resolution_PPE}} PPE 23.1 Show details
7 Roberts ZĪLE ECR Enforcement_of_intellectual_property_rights_resolution_ECR}} ECR 23.1 Show details

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