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Conférence de presse de la Société Civile lors de l'eG8

  • [LL] Lawrence Lessig (professeur de droit à Harvard et fondateur des Creative Commons)
  • [JJ] Jeff Jarvis (journaliste américain),
  • [JFJ] Jean-François Julliard (secrétaire général de RSF)
  • [SC] Susan Crawford (ancien membre du conseil d'administration de l'ICANN)
  • [JZ] Jérémie Zimmermann (porte-parole de la Quadrature du Net).
  • [YB] Yochai Benkler (co-directeur du Harvard's Berkman Center for the Internet).

Jérémie Zimmermann

Thank you, everyone to be here, sorry for the improvising and the impromptu condition of this press conference, as you also know, there is very very little, if any, representation of civil society in this eG8. In last minute on Thursday, they threw in some foldable chairs for us, they improvised some freedom of expression panel just to say that our issues were represented after all. But what we saw yesterday was Nicolas Sarkozy addressing only CEOs and business actors, telling them You are the internet, You are the revolution and You are doing everything.

And you now have the responsibility to fight the pedonazis, the terrorists, and the copyright wars, so this is something that disturbs us, I think, all of us, here. Maybe each of us will make a quick statement of 4 to 5 minutes, let's say 4 minutes if we can do it. We have fantastic people around here from Yochai Benkler of the Berkman Center, to Jean-François Julliard of Reporters Sans Frontières, to Susan, how would you define yourself?

Susan Crawford

Susan Crawford, former ICANN board member.

Jérémie Zimmermann

Professor Lawrence Lessig who doesn't need any introduction at all, and Jeff Jarvis. Maybe Susan, you can begin.

Susan Crawford

The communique's already been drafted for this g8 summit, errr meeting, this e-g8 meeting.

It's been leaked to the NYtimes which published this story this morning, explaining exactly what the communique would say. The reason this press conference has been called is that civil society groups have joined together from around the world, to issue a very short and simple statement, calling on the eG8 and in turn the G8 to protect the open internet, to maintain the neutrality of the internet, to establish the principles that encourage the free flow of the information. All of us sitting up here today understand as do you out there, that an open internet is actually the basis for a democratic flourishing around the world; that all government policies that hoped to encourage citizens to flourish including education, health, energy policy