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Political Memory: Resolutions on European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA), Results in Detail for Temporary Committee on Climate Change

for Temporary Committee on Climate Change==
MEP Final score résolution am. 8 am. 5 am. 10 par. 2 cons. A cons. B résolution_RC B6-0522/2006 - Brevets

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  • résolution: Resolution from PSE, Verts/ALE and GUE/NGL rejecting EPLA - recommendation: for, coefficient: 4
  • am. 8: Deletion of "accessing to Munich Convention" - recommendation: for, coefficient: 3
  • am. 5: Opinion from ECJ examined by Parliament for the need of transparency and democracy - recommendation: for, coefficient: 3
  • am. 10: Opinion from ECJ - recommendation: for, coefficient: 2
  • par. 2: Opinion from legal service of the European Parliament - recommendation: for, coefficient: 1
  • cons. A: considérant impliquant qu'une solution sur les litiges doit être trouvée à court terme - recommendation: against, coefficient: 3
  • cons. B: Recital recalling the need of an efficient, competitive, cost-efficient and accessible patent system - recommendation: against, coefficient: 2
  • résolution_RC B6-0522/2006 - Brevets: Compromise resolution between EPP and PSE - recommendation: none

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