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Political Memory: Rapport Bono on cultural industries in Europe, Results for Subcommittee on Security and Defence

MEP ams. 1+2/1/1 ams. 1+2/2/2 Final score
Angelika BEER for for 20
Giulietto CHIESA for for 20
Philip CLAEYS for for 20
Alexandra DOBOLYI for for 20
Andrew DUFF for for 20
Bogdan GOLIK for for 20
Ana Maria GOMES for for 20
Anna IBRISAGIC for for 20
Anneli JÄÄTTEENMÄKI for for 20
Evgeni KIRILOV for for 20
Christoph KONRAD for for 20
Maria Eleni KOPPA for for 20
Joost LAGENDIJK for for 20
Graf Alexander LAMBSDORFF for for 20
Philippe MORILLON for for 20
Justas Vincas PALECKIS for for 20
Atanas PAPARIZOV for for 20
Ioan Mircea PAŞCU for for 20
Tobias PFLÜGER for for 20
Marco RIZZO for for 20
Raül ROMEVA i RUEDA for for 20
Katrin SAKS for for 20
Marek SIWIEC for for 20
Hannes SWOBODA for for 20
Jan Marinus WIERSMA for for 20
Marian ZLOTEA for for 20
Proinsias DE ROSSA for for 20
Beniamino DONNICI against for 13
Daniel COHN-BENDIT for - 10
Richard James ASHWORTH for against 7
Mihael BREJC for against 7
Jean-Luc DEHAENE for against 7
Giorgos DIMITRAKOPOULOS for against 7
Christian EHLER for against 7
Glyn FORD for against 7
Urszula GACEK for against 7
Jana HYBÁŠKOVÁ for against 7
Tunne KELAM for against 7
Ģirts Valdis KRISTOVSKIS for against 7
Vytautas LANDSBERGIS for against 7
Maria MARTENS for against 7
Nickolay MLADENOV for against 7
Hubert PIRKER for against 7
Alexander RADWAN for against 7
José Ignacio SALAFRANCA SÁNCHEZ-NEYRA for against 7
György SCHÖPFLIN for against 7
Geoffrey VAN ORDEN for against 7
Karl von WOGAU for against 7
Stefano ZAPPALA' for against 7
Mogens CAMRE abst. against 2
Cristian Silviu BUŞOI against against 0
Bronisław GEREMEK against against 0
Annemie NEYTS-UYTTEBROECK against against 0
Janusz ONYSZKIEWICZ against against 0
Toomas SAVI against against 0

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