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Political Memory: Rapport Bono on cultural industries in Europe, Results for Committee on Legal Affairs

MEP ams. 1+2/1/1 ams. 1+2/2/2 Final score
Sharon BOWLES for for 20
Giulietto CHIESA for for 20
Vicente Miguel GARCÉS RAMÓN for for 20
Lidia Joanna GERINGER de OEDENBERG for for 20
Piia-Noora KAUPPI for for 20
Eva LICHTENBERGER for for 20
Alain LIPIETZ for for 20
Marco PANNELLA for for 20
Aloyzas SAKALAS for for 20
Daniel STROŽ for for 20
Ieke van den BURG for for 20
Pervenche BERÈS for - 10
Charlotte CEDERSCHIÖLD for abst. 10
Monica FRASSONI for - 10
Mario BORGHEZIO for against 7
Carlo CASINI for against 7
Bert DOORN for against 7
Nicole FONTAINE for against 7
Jean-Paul GAUZÈS for against 7
Othmar KARAS for against 7
Sajjad KARIM for against 7
Kurt LECHNER for against 7
Klaus-Heiner LEHNE for against 7
Marcin LIBICKI for against 7
Antonio LÓPEZ-ISTÚRIZ WHITE for against 7
Hans-Peter MAYER for against 7
Arlene McCARTHY for against 7
Manuel MEDINA ORTEGA for against 7
Hartmut NASSAUER for against 7
Georgios PAPASTAMKOS for against 7
Francesco Enrico SPERONI for against 7
Gabriele STAUNER for against 7
József SZÁJER for against 7
Jacques TOUBON for against 7
Rainer WIELAND for against 7
Tadeusz ZWIEFKA for against 7
Luis de GRANDES PASCUAL for against 7
Mogens CAMRE abst. against 2
Janelly FOURTOU against against 0
Diana WALLIS against against 0

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