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Political Memory: Rapport Bono on cultural industries in Europe, Results for Italy

MEP ams. 1+2/1/1 ams. 1+2/2/2 Final score
Vittorio AGNOLETTO/en for for 20
Vincenzo AITA/en for for 20
Alessandro BATTILOCCHIO/en for for 20
Marco CAPPATO/en for for 20
Giulietto CHIESA/en for for 20
Donata GOTTARDI/en for for 20
Lilli GRUBER/en for for 20
Umberto GUIDONI/en for for 20
Sepp KUSSTATSCHER/en for for 20
Roberto MUSACCHIO/en for for 20
Marco PANNELLA/en for for 20
Pier Antonio PANZERI/en for for 20
Marco RIZZO/en for for 20
Luca ROMAGNOLI/en for for 20
Guido SACCONI/en for for 20
Mauro ZANI/en for for 20
Beniamino DONNICI/en against for 13
Monica FRASSONI/en for - 10
Pia Elda LOCATELLI/en for - 10
Gabriele ALBERTINI/en for against 7
Sergio BERLATO/en for against 7
Mario BORGHEZIO/en for against 7
Iles BRAGHETTO/en for against 7
Giorgio CAROLLO/en for against 7
Carlo CASINI/en for against 7
Paolo COSTA/en for against 7
Michl EBNER/en for against 7
Carlo FATUZZO/en for against 7
Alessandro FOGLIETTA/en for against 7
Mario MAURO/en for against 7
Umberto PIRILLI/en for against 7
Francesco Enrico SPERONI/en for against 7
Riccardo VENTRE/en for against 7
Stefano ZAPPALA'/en for against 7
Luigi COCILOVO/en against against 0
Francesco FERRARI/en against against 0
Vittorio PRODI/en against against 0
Gianluca SUSTA/en against against 0
Donato Tommaso VERALDI/en against against 0

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