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Political Memory: Rapport Bono on cultural industries in Europe, Results for Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection

MEP ams. 1+2/1/1 ams. 1+2/2/2 Final score
André BRIE for for 20
Wolfgang BULFON for for 20
Desislav CHUKOLOV for for 20
Giovanna CORDA for for 20
Gabriela CREŢU for for 20
Evelyne GEBHARDT for for 20
Martí GRAU i SEGÚ for for 20
Benoît HAMON for for 20
Anna HEDH for for 20
Edit HERCZOG for for 20
Ian HUDGHTON for for 20
Iliana Malinova IOTOVA for for 20
Gisela KALLENBACH for for 20
Graf Alexander LAMBSDORFF for for 20
Lasse LEHTINEN for for 20
Joseph MUSCAT for for 20
Catherine NERIS for for 20
Pier Antonio PANZERI for for 20
José RIBEIRO E CASTRO for for 20
Karin RIIS-JØRGENSEN for for 20
Marco RIZZO for for 20
Zuzana ROITHOVÁ for for 20
Katrin SAKS for for 20
Christel SCHALDEMOSE for for 20
Olle SCHMIDT for for 20
Eva-Britt SVENSSON for for 20
Søren Bo SØNDERGAARD for for 20
Bernadette VERGNAUD for for 20
Marian ZLOTEA for for 20
Mia DE VITS for for 20
Charlotte CEDERSCHIÖLD for abst. 10
Pierre JONCKHEER for - 10
Gary TITLEY for abst. 10
Colm BURKE for against 7
Giles CHICHESTER for against 7
Bert DOORN for against 7
Brigitte FOURÉ for against 7
András GYÜRK for against 7
Małgorzata HANDZLIK for against 7
Malcolm HARBOUR for against 7
Christopher HEATON-HARRIS for against 7
Stephen HUGHES for against 7
Othmar KARAS for against 7
Eija-Riitta KORHOLA for against 7
Guntars KRASTS for against 7
Kurt LECHNER for against 7
Arlene McCARTHY for against 7
Manuel MEDINA ORTEGA for against 7
Nickolay MLADENOV for against 7
Angelika NIEBLER for against 7
Zita PLEŠTINSKÁ for against 7
Leopold Józef RUTOWICZ for against 7
Salvador Domingo SANZ PALACIO for against 7
Andreas SCHWAB for against 7
Francesco Enrico SPERONI for against 7
Marianne THYSSEN for against 7
Jacques TOUBON for against 7
Anja WEISGERBER for against 7
Stefano ZAPPALA' for against 7
Sergej KOZLÍK abst. abst. 5
Mogens CAMRE abst. against 2
Šarūnas BIRUTIS against against 0
Cristian Silviu BUŞOI against against 0
Janelly FOURTOU against against 0
Joel HASSE FERREIRA against against 0
Toine MANDERS against against 0
Bill NEWTON DUNN against against 0
Diana WALLIS against against 0

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