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Political Memory: Rapport Bono on cultural industries in Europe, Results for Committee on Culture and Education

MEP ams. 1+2/1/1 ams. 1+2/2/2 Final score
Maria BADIA i CUTCHET for for 20
Katerina BATZELI for for 20
Ivo BELET for for 20
Jean-Luc BENNAHMIAS for for 20
Slavi BINEV for for 20
Guy BONO for for 20
Emine BOZKURT for for 20
Victor BOŞTINARU for for 20
Jolanta DIČKUTĖ for for 20
Věra FLASAROVÁ for for 20
Lissy GRÖNER for for 20
Gyula HEGYI for for 20
Mary HONEYBALL for for 20
André LAIGNEL for for 20
Raimon OBIOLS i GERMÀ for for 20
Reino PAASILINNA for for 20
Christa PRETS for for 20
Christel SCHALDEMOSE for for 20
Daniel STROŽ for for 20
Helga TRÜPEL for for 20
Cornelis VISSER for for 20
Marielle DE SARNEZ for for 20
Nina ŠKOTTOVÁ for for 20
Marianne MIKKO for - 10
Catherine TRAUTMANN for abst. 10
Henri WEBER for - 10
Roberta Alma ANASTASE for against 7
Rolf BEREND for against 7
Nicodim BULZESC for against 7
Marie-Hélène DESCAMPS for against 7
Giorgos DIMITRAKOPOULOS for against 7
Den DOVER for against 7
Michl EBNER for against 7
Alessandro FOGLIETTA for against 7
Gerardo GALEOTE for against 7
Milan GAĽA for against 7
Vasco GRAÇA MOURA for against 7
Christopher HEATON-HARRIS for against 7
Erna HENNICOT-SCHOEPGES for against 7
Ruth HIERONYMI for against 7
Lívia JÁRÓKA for against 7
Mario MAURO for against 7
Manolis MAVROMMATIS for against 7
Elisabeth MORIN for against 7
Ljudmila NOVAK for against 7
Doris PACK for against 7
Zdzisław Zbigniew PODKAŃSKI for against 7
Mihaela POPA for against 7
Pál SCHMITT for against 7
Ewa TOMASZEWSKA for against 7
László TŐKÉS for against 7
Tadeusz ZWIEFKA for against 7
Robert KILROY-SILK abst. abst. 5
Thomas WISE against abst. 3
Jean-Marie CAVADA against against 0
Claire GIBAULT against against 0
Ignasi GUARDANS CAMBÓ against against 0
Viktória MOHÁCSI against against 0
Ramona Nicole MĂNESCU against against 0
Maria ROBSAHM against against 0
Grażyna STANISZEWSKA against against 0

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