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Political Memory: Rapport Bono on cultural industries in Europe, Results for Temporary Committee on Climate Change

MEP ams. 1+2/1/1 ams. 1+2/2/2 Final score
Adamos ADAMOU for for 20
Inés AYALA SENDER for for 20
Katerina BATZELI for for 20
Bernadette BOURZAI for for 20
Philippe BUSQUIN for for 20
Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS for for 20
Giulietto CHIESA for for 20
Dorette CORBEY for for 20
Michael CRAMER for for 20
Chris DAVIES for for 20
Avril DOYLE for for 20
Edite ESTRELA for for 20
Robert EVANS for for 20
Anne FERREIRA for for 20
Elisa FERREIRA for for 20
Robert GOEBBELS for for 20
Matthias GROOTE for for 20
Umberto GUIDONI for for 20
Catherine GUY-QUINT for for 20
Rebecca HARMS for for 20
Satu HASSI for for 20
Jens HOLM for for 20
Gunnar HÖKMARK for for 20
Anneli JÄÄTTEENMÄKI for for 20
Anne LAPERROUZE for for 20
Johannes LEBECH for for 20
Marie-Noëlle LIENEMANN for for 20
Caroline LUCAS for for 20
Jules MAATEN for for 20
David MARTIN for for 20
Rosa MIGUÉLEZ RAMOS for for 20
Eluned MORGAN for for 20
Roberto MUSACCHIO for for 20
Riitta MYLLER for for 20
Miroslav OUZKÝ for for 20
Justas Vincas PALECKIS for for 20
Dimitrios PAPADIMOULIS for for 20
Luca ROMAGNOLI for for 20
Mechtild ROTHE for for 20
Guido SACCONI for for 20
María SORNOSA MARTÍNEZ for for 20
Dirk STERCKX for for 20
Ulrich STOCKMANN for for 20
Andres TARAND for for 20
Claude TURMES for for 20
Evangelia TZAMPAZI for for 20
Åsa WESTLUND for for 20
Anders WIJKMAN for for 20
Bairbre de BRÚN for for 20
Silvia-Adriana ŢICĂU for for 20
Lena EK abst. for 15
Adam GIEREK for - 10
Linda McAVAN for abst. 10
Alejo VIDAL-QUADRAS for - 10
Laima Liucija ANDRIKIENĖ for against 7
Richard James ASHWORTH for against 7
Liam AYLWARD for against 7
Pilar AYUSO for against 7
Etelka BARSI-PATAKY for against 7
Johannes BLOKLAND for against 7
John BOWIS for against 7
Jerzy BUZEK for against 7
David CASA for against 7
Giles CHICHESTER for against 7
Paolo COSTA for against 7
Michl EBNER for against 7
Alessandro FOGLIETTA for against 7
Françoise GROSSETÊTE for against 7
Roger HELMER for against 7
Erna HENNICOT-SCHOEPGES for against 7
Romana JORDAN CIZELJ for against 7
Timothy KIRKHOPE for against 7
Dieter-Lebrecht KOCH for against 7
Eija-Riitta KORHOLA for against 7
Aldis KUŠĶIS for against 7
Zbigniew Krzysztof KUŹMIUK for against 7
Werner LANGEN for against 7
Peter LIESE for against 7
Marian-Jean MARINESCU for against 7
Angelika NIEBLER for against 7
Péter OLAJOS for against 7
Markus PIEPER for against 7
Zita PLEŠTINSKÁ for against 7
Herbert REUL for against 7
Paul RÜBIG for against 7
Agnes SCHIERHUBER for against 7
Bogusław SONIK for against 7
Marianne THYSSEN for against 7
Jacques TOUBON for against 7
Antonios TRAKATELLIS for against 7
Thomas ULMER for against 7
Inese VAIDERE for against 7
Nikolaos VAKALIS for against 7
Lambert van NISTELROOIJ for against 7
Jana BOBOŠÍKOVÁ abst. abst. 5
Ashley MOTE abst. abst. 5
Georgs ANDREJEVS against against 0
Fiona HALL against against 0
Bill NEWTON DUNN against against 0
Vittorio PRODI against against 0
Adina-Ioana VĂLEAN against against 0

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