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Political Memory: Rapport Bono on cultural industries in Europe, Results for Belgium

MEP ams. 1+2/1/1 ams. 1+2/2/2 Final score
Ivo BELET for for 20
Frieda BREPOELS for for 20
Philippe BUSQUIN for for 20
Philip CLAEYS for for 20
Giovanna CORDA for for 20
Koenraad DILLEN for for 20
Saïd EL KHADRAOUI for for 20
Alain HUTCHINSON for for 20
Dirk STERCKX for for 20
Anne VAN LANCKER for for 20
Frank VANHECKE for for 20
Véronique DE KEYSER for for 20
Mia DE VITS for for 20
Pierre JONCKHEER for - 10
Jean-Luc DEHAENE for against 7
Gérard DEPREZ for against 7
Mathieu GROSCH for against 7
Raymond LANGENDRIES for against 7
Marianne THYSSEN for against 7
Annemie NEYTS-UYTTEBROECK against against 0
Frédérique RIES against against 0
Johan VAN HECKE against against 0

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