Cultural industries resolution AGRI

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Political Memory: Rapport Bono on cultural industries in Europe, Results for Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

MEP ams. 1+2/1/1 ams. 1+2/2/2 Final score
Vincenzo AITA for for 20
Marie-Hélène AUBERT for for 20
Alessandro BATTILOCCHIO for for 20
Katerina BATZELI for for 20
Bernadette BOURZAI for for 20
Niels BUSK for for 20
Herbert BÖSCH for for 20
Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS for for 20
Alejandro CERCAS for for 20
Jorgo CHATZIMARKAKIS for for 20
Giovanna CORDA for for 20
Ilda FIGUEIREDO for for 20
Bogdan GOLIK for for 20
Friedrich-Wilhelm GRAEFE zu BARINGDORF for for 20
Milan HORÁČEK for for 20
Heinz KINDERMANN for for 20
Wolfgang KREISSL-DÖRFLER for for 20
Anne LAPERROUZE for for 20
Roselyne LEFRANÇOIS for for 20
Kartika Tamara LIOTARD for for 20
Jean-Claude MARTINEZ for for 20
Rosa MIGUÉLEZ RAMOS for for 20
Catherine NERIS for for 20
Vincent PEILLON for for 20
Teresa RIERA MADURELL for for 20
Guido SACCONI for for 20
María Isabel SALINAS GARCÍA for for 20
Lydia SCHENARDI for for 20
Brian SIMPSON for for 20
Alyn SMITH for for 20
Dimitar STOYANOV for for 20
Jeffrey TITFORD for for 20
Witold TOMCZAK for for 20
Bernadette VERGNAUD for for 20
Vladimír ŽELEZNÝ for for 20
Kyösti VIRRANKOSKI against for 13
Stéphane LE FOLL for - 10
Esther de LANGE for - 10
Liam AYLWARD for against 7
Pilar AYUSO for against 7
Sergio BERLATO for against 7
Giorgio CAROLLO for against 7
Joseph DAUL for against 7
Albert DESS for against 7
Constantin DUMITRIU for against 7
Michl EBNER for against 7
Carmen FRAGA ESTÉVEZ for against 7
Gerardo GALEOTE for against 7
José Manuel GARCÍA-MARGALLO Y MARFIL for against 7
Ioannis GKLAVAKIS for against 7
Béla GLATTFELDER for against 7
Lutz GOEPEL for against 7
Esther HERRANZ GARCÍA for against 7
Elisabeth JEGGLE for against 7
Christa KLASS for against 7
Wiesław Stefan KUC for against 7
Astrid LULLING for against 7
Hans-Peter MAYER for against 7
Mairead McGUINNESS for against 7
Neil PARISH for against 7
Markus PIEPER for against 7
Zdzisław Zbigniew PODKAŃSKI for against 7
Agnes SCHIERHUBER for against 7
Czesław Adam SIEKIERSKI for against 7
Petya STAVREVA for against 7
Struan STEVENSON for against 7
Robert STURDY for against 7
László TŐKÉS for against 7
Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI for against 7
Andrzej Tomasz ZAPAŁOWSKI for against 7
Peter BACO abst. abst. 5
Hynek FAJMON against against 0
Willem SCHUTH against against 0
Donato Tommaso VERALDI against against 0

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