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Ongoing translation, feel free to help


Before modifying anything, please create an account or sign in. Our website and blog aren't bound together : you will need to register on the wiki no matter if you already have an account on the website. Being logged in makes it easier for the moderators.

You can also fill in the e-mail field in your profile settings. It is not mandatory, but can be useful in some cases.

Check your user alias in the list. You can add something brief about you and your activities.

Gardening the wiki

According to Craowiki, the gardening of a wiki consists in editing it in order to ensure it is globally consistent, link pages one to another, and keep it organized.

Daily tasks

Follow the changes

The simplest (though also the most repetitive) way is to follow the recent modifications[1]. This page lists new and recently-modified articles.

To navigate more easily, it is recommended to enable Utiliser les modifications récentes améliorées (JavaScript) in the Recent Modifications tab of the preferences page. This requires you to be logged in.

Following this page allows you to check or improve pages in several ways:

  • Find and delete spams: This is quite rare, but can happen. If you cannot delete a spam, delete the content, and add the category SPAM to the article. All the articles in this category will be deleted by an administrator.
  • Fix the style: Fix the spelling, grammar, or typos, as well as missed out words, badly written sentences, formatting etc.
  • About the content: There are many ways to contribute. It mostly depends on your knowledge of mediawiki, of La Quadrature du Net and its campaigns and La Quadrature du Net's wiki.
  • Add a category : Every page is supposed to have a category. When a page is created without a category, you have to ask yourself if it is possible to associate a category to it. You can find a list of all pages with no category here: Pages with no category. To access the [2] catégories to see the list of available categories and to choose one or even several of them that apply to the page. When there is a large number of pages that are uncategorised, it might be that a new category needs to be created.
  • Add/Update information: If you are knowledgeable on the subject, and if you are already familiarised with the wiki, it becomes relatively easy to help people who use it less frequently to add links to other pages and to correct inaccuracies.

Pour cela, on peut se référer à la page spéciale[3] catégories pour voir la liste des catégories et éventuellement en utiliser une ou plusieurs adaptées à la page en question. Lorsque le nombre de pages créées ne convenant à aucune catégorie augmente, il peut être utile de se demander si plusieurs d'entre elles ne nécessitent pas la création d'une ou plusieurs catégories.

The galerie des nouveaux fichiers also has to be followed and that the downloaded files are actually relevant to the wiki.

Tasks to be done from time to time

Using special pages allows the better use of the wiki, for example, by adding categories to pages or by checking whther all pages are easily accessible from another page. Here's a quick list on a couple of things that its useful to do from now and then:

  • The Ancient Pages are those that, as their name indicates, have not been amended in a long time and could therefore do with an overhall or even deleted.
  • Visit the Wanted Pages to see a list of pages that are need of being created[4]. This would fix broken links (links in red). Sometimes red links are only caused by a typo rather than because that page doesn't exist so it's a good idea to check that first. Similar things can be said about Wanted Categories. Sometimes a short description of the category can be added which would go a long way, or sometimes a categories is obsolete and should be deleted.
  • The Dead-end Pages are those that do not link to any other page. It is generally best to have as few as possible of this kind.
  • The Lonely Pages are those pages that are not linked to by other pages. Again, it's better to have fewer rather than more of these.
  • The Short Pages are those pages that are probably drafts but that could either be helped along to be completed, or deleted.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at contact AT laquadrature DOT net.


  1. You can follow them by subscribing the RSS feed of this wiki
  2. The pages spéciales, click on the toolbox (bottom left, below the search box):
  3. Les pages spéciales sont accessibles via la boite à outils (en bas à gauche de la page, sous la recherche) :
  4. If someone could be identified who would probably be able to create this wiki page, or to send them an email, that would help.